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The Gala Water (Lowland Scots: Gala Watter; Scottish Gaelic An Geal Ath) is a river in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland and a tributary of the River Tweed. It is sometimes known as the "Gala", which nickname is also shared with Galashiels, which it flows through. The "Braw Lads O Gala Watter" is a song about people from Galashiels.


The name Gala may be from the Old English galga meaning "gallows" (Scots galwe),[1] perhaps by back-formation from Galashiels.[1] Or else, Gala may originally be from Brittonic,[1] and derived from *gāl meaning "enmity, hatred" (Welsh gâl),[1] or cognate to the Welsh verb galw, "call" (Cornish galow, "a call").[1] The river may share an etymology with Gala Lane in Ayrshire, which flows into Loch Doon.[1]

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Coordinates: 55°37′N 2°47′W / 55.617°N 2.783°W / 55.617; -2.783