Galactic Cowboys (album)

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Galactic Cowboys
Galactic Cowboys debut album cover.jpg
Studio album by Galactic Cowboys
Released August 20, 1991
Genre Heavy Metal
Length 59:34
Label Geffen Records
Producer Sam Taylor
Galactic Cowboys chronology
Galactic Cowboys (1991) Space In Your Face
(1993)Space In Your Face1993
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Galactic Cowboys is the eponymous debut album from the band of the same name. The album was called "The most exciting release of 1991" by HM Magazine[volume & issue needed] editor Doug Van Pelt.[2]


  • At the end of this album, bassist Monty Colvin can be heard reading a school lunch menu.
  • Audio clips of Neil Armstrong talking to Houston control can be heard in both "Sea of Tranquility" and "Pump Up The Space Suit".
  • The song "Kaptain Krude" is written about the Exxon Valdez oil spill which happened in 1989.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I'm Not Amused" Colvin, Doss, Huggins 6:26
2. "My School" Colvin, Doss, Huggins 6:42
3. "Why Can't You Believe in Me" Colvin, Doss, Huggins 6:34
4. "Kaptain Krude" Colvin 5:57
5. "Someone for Everyone" Colvin 6:27
6. "Sea of Tranquility" Colvin, Doss, Huggins 7:22
7. "Kill Floor" Colvin 5:06
8. "Pump Up the Space Suit" Colvin, Doss, Huggins, Sonnier 1:20
9. "Ranch on Mars Reprise" Colvin, Doss, Huggins, Sonnier 2:10
10. "Speak to Me" (ends at 10:06; hidden track "Jazz Old Horsey" begins at 10:17) Colvin, Huggins 11:30


  • Ben Huggins - Vocals, acoustic guitar, blues harp
  • Dane Sonnier - Guitar, vocals
  • Monty Colvin - Bass, vocals
  • Alan Doss - Drums, vocals, attempted clarinet

Guest Musician[edit]

  • Max Dyer - cello


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