Incantation (1989 video game)

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Cover art
North American cover art
Developer(s)Joy Van
  • AS: 1989
  • NA: January 1990
  • AU: 1990
  • JP: October 30, 1991
Genre(s)Shoot'em up[1]

Incantation (Chinese: 蝶變; pinyin: Dié Biàn; literally: "Butterfly Change"), is an unlicensed 1989 NES shoot'em up video game developed by Joy Van and published by Sachen. It has been released in the United States by Bunch Games as Galactic Crusader, and finally also in Japan by Kinema Music with the local name Papillon Gals (the latter version contains nudity).


The game is a top-down perspective shooter, often compared to the popular space shooter Galaga. The player progresses through numerous stages, using missiles and lasers to shoot oncoming enemies. One notable difference from Galaga is Galactic Crusaders many bosses which the player confronts at the end of each level- often taking many hits to defeat.