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November 1678, first issue of the Mercure Galant
Entertainments of Gallantry (1712)

The galant style was an 18th-century movement in music, visual arts and literature. In Germany a closely related style was called the empfindsamer Stil (sensitive style).[1] Another close relative is rococo style.[clarification needed] The galant style was drawn in opposition to the strictures of the Baroque style, emphasizing light elegance in place of the Baroque's dignified seriousness and high grandeur.[2][3]


In music, the galant emphasis was on simplicity, immediacy of appeal, and elegance.[4][5]


In fashion, galant featured perfumed handkerchiefs and powdered wigs for both sexes.[6] The fantastic exotic asymmetry of bizarre silk patterns were symptomatic of galant tastes.[citation needed]


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