Galatasaray Bridge Team

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Galatasaray Bridge.jpg
Founded 1997
League Turkey Contract Bridge Championship
Based in İstanbul, Turkey
Arena Galatasaray Beyoğlu Hasnun Galip Club Administrative Center
Colors Yellow & Red
President Ünal Aysal
Head coach Ö.Cavit Turan
Championships 2
Mascot Lion

Galatasaray Bridge Team is the bridge section of Galatasaray S.K., a major sports club in Istanbul, Turkey.


Turkish Championship[edit]

  • Winner(3): 1999, 2000, 2009[1] as a team
  • Runners-Up(1): 2009
  • Third: 2006
  • Third: 2007
  • Third: 2008
  • Winner: 2009 Nevzat Aydoğdu and Fikret Aydoğdu as a couple
  • Winner: 2010 Dilek Yavaş and Serap Kuranoğlu as a couple[2]

İstanbul Championship[edit]

  • Winner(2): 2007 as a couple M. Ali İnce and Namık Kökten,[3] 2011 as a team


  • Winner(3):2011, 2012, 2013[4]

European Championship[edit]

  • Winner(2): 2008,[5] 2011 as a team[6]

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