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Galaxy of Fear is a series of science fiction novels set in the Star Wars galaxy three years after Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The books are meant for younger readers. The books ranged from 100 pages to 200 pages in large print. The series of 12 books was written by John Whitman, and were released from February 1997 through to October 1998. The Galaxy of Fear line was created with an intent to cash in on the popularity of, and was meant to be a science fiction parody of, the Goosebumps franchise.

Brief Synopsis[edit]

The books are about a young brother and sister, Zak and Tash, who travel the galaxy with their mysterious Uncle Hoole. Tash and Zak are orphans; their parents were on their homeworld of Alderaan when it was destroyed by the Death Star. Tash is fascinated with the Jedi, while Zak is interested in machines and technology.

The first six books form an arc. The protagonists discover pieces of a large Imperial experiment in biological weapons, codenamed Project Starscream. The first five books deal with the heroes discovering the various components of Project Starscream, each dangerous in its own right The sixth book deals with their discovery of the final goal of the experiments: creating a prototype organism, simply named "Weapon".

The next six books lacked a central arc. The protagonists, now wanted fugitives, simply travel from planet to planet attempting to avoid Imperial authorities. Each book told a story of the main characters stumbling onto some danger and the resulting adventure.

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