Galaxy of the Lost

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"Galaxy of the Lost"
Single by Lightspeed Champion
from the album Falling Off the Lavender Bridge
Released 16 July 2007[1]
12 May 2008 (re-release)
Format 7" vinyl, Promo CD
Recorded 2007
Genre Folk
Length 3:58
Label Domino Records
Songwriter(s) Devonte Hynes
Producer(s) Mike Mogis
Lightspeed Champion singles chronology
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"Galaxy of the Lost"
"Midnight Surprise"

"Tell Me What It's Worth"
"Galaxy of the Lost"

"Galaxy of the Lost" (Re-Release)
"Midnight Surprise"

Additional Artwork
Cover of the re-release.
Cover of the re-release.
Falling Off the Lavender Bridge track listing
  1. "Number One"
  2. "Galaxy of the Lost"
  3. "Tell Me What It's Worth"
  4. "All To Shit"
  5. "Midnight Surprise"
  6. "Devil Tricks for a Bitch"
  7. "I Could Have Done This Myself"
  8. "Salty Water"
  9. "Dry Lips"
  10. "Everyone I Know Is Listening to Crunk"
  11. "Let the Bitches Die"
  12. "No Surprise (for Wendela)/Midnight Surprise"
Music video
"Galaxy of the Lost" on YouTube

"Galaxy of the Lost" is the first single from Lightspeed Champion's album Falling Off the Lavender Bridge. The single was originally released on 7" vinyl by Domino Records on 16 July 2007 and then later re-released on 7" vinyl and CD on 12 May 2008.

On 1 February 2008, in his official blog, Hynes stated that the next single (after "Tell Me What It's Worth") would probably be a re-issue of "Galaxy Of The Lost",[2] stating : I have no problem with re-issues... as long as there is reason, and I really like this song and video, and it only came out on limited 7 inch... goo'times.[2]

"Galaxy of the Lost" features drums, bass, pedal steel and string arrangements from Omaha musicians Nate Walcott and The Faint's drummer Clark Baechle, as well as backing vocals from Emmy the Great. Also, "Waiting Game" features additional vocals by Derek Pressnal from Tilly and the Wall, and guitars from Mike Mogis.[3]

Music video[edit]

The music video was directed by Ferry Gouw of the Semifinalists, and features Dev sitting petting a cat, which then suddenly turns into an unusual monster puppet, before other monsters come to listen to him playing guitar, eventually wrapping their tentacles around him and taking over, only for them to suddenly disappear, leaving only the original puppet cradled in Dev's arms, which then turns back into a cat.

Track listing[edit]

First release[edit]

All tracks written by Devonte Hynes.

7" single, digital download RUG259
(Released 16 July 2007)
No. Title Length
1. "Galaxy of the Lost" 3:58
2. "Waiting Game" 4:23

Second release[edit]

All tracks written by Devonte Hynes.

7" single, CD, digital download
(Released 12 May 2008)
No. Title Length
1. "Galaxy of the Lost" 3:58
2. "Tell Me What It's Worth" 2:40
3. "Galaxy of the Lost" 3:58

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