Galayet bandora

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Galayet bandora
Galayet bandora cooked over a campfire in Wadi Mukheiris, near the Jordanian coast of the Dead Sea.
Galayet bandora cooked over a campfire in Wadi Mukheiris, near the Jordanian coast of the Dead Sea.
Alternative namesJez mez (جز مز)
TypeMain dish
Place of originJordan
Region or stateGhor Al-Safi
Dead Sea
Associated national cuisineLevantine
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsTomatoes
Hot peppers
Olive oil
VariationsGalayet bandora
bi lahma
Food energy
(per serving)
165 kcal (691 kJ)[1]
Nutritional value
(per serving)
Protein10 g
Fat12 g

Galayet bandora (Arabic: قلاية بندورة أو مسقة بندورة, transl. "pan of tomatoes")[2] is a simple Jordanian dish of tomatoes, onions, hot peppers (usually serranos or jalapenos), olive oil, and salt. It is popular across the Levant, but especially in Jordan on account of its easy preparation and cheap ingredients. To make the dish, the olive oil is heated in a large frying pan. The onions and peppers are diced and the tomatoes are cubed and optionally peeled. The onions are then added and cooked until translucent, at which point the rest of the ingredients are added and the mixture is sautéed until it is thick but not dry. Galayet bandora is usually eaten with warm pita bread, which is used to scoop it up, though galayet bandora can also be served over rice and eaten with utensils. When served in a restaurant or at a formal event, it is often garnished with toasted pine nuts.[3]

Many varieties of the dish exist, including ones with meat (ground beef or beef or lamb stew meat), fried eggs or garlic.[4]

It is believed to originate in the Ghor al-Safi and Ghor al Mazraa,[5] the rural regions surrounding the Dead Sea that make up the "breadbasket" of Jordan.[6] The hot climate in these regions of the Jordan Valley is ideal for growing tomatoes.[6][7]

Because it is an easy one-pot meal, galayet bandora is often eaten while camping or backpacking.[8]

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