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Gale Sherwood (born March 4, 1929) was a Canadian singer and actress, born Jacqueline Nash,[citation needed] who is best known as the singing partner of Nelson Eddy from 1953 until his death in 1967.

Sherwood was born in Hamilton, Ontario and graduated in 1945 from the Mar-Ken School, a preparatory high school that catered to children in (or with parents in) the entertainment industry in Hollywood, California.[1]

Her film and television roles included juvenile roles as Betty in They Shall Have Music (1939) and High School Singer in Let's Make Music (1941). As an adult, she appeared as Meelah in Blonde Savage (1947), Ellen Forrester in Rocky (1948), Sophia in Song of My Heart (1948), Yvonne in Naughty Marietta (TV 1955),[2] Morgan Le Fay in A Connecticut Yankee (TV 1955)[3] and Margot in The Desert Song (TV 1955).[4]

She sang with Eddy on television and in his nightclub act from 1953 until his death in 1967.[5] Her stage roles included an appearance in Show Boat in 1967 with the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera.


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