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Galeazzo Frudua is an Italian luthier, Beatles expert, bass, guitar and amplifier builder and guitar making teacher.

Early years[edit]

As a musician originally (he occasionally appeared in some main Italian TV programs), he attended the IPIALL school, best known as the International School of Luthierie of Cremona.

He began as a luthier in the 1980s building electric and semi-acoustic guitars. In September 1988 he founded in Imola, the "Frudua Guitar Works" workshop. Initially this shop focused on guitar repair and then began specializing in the production of quality handmade instruments.


In those first 10 years the Frudua instruments became well known and admired in Italy where they toured and recorded with the most famous Italian major artists among them (known abroad) Ramazzotti, Ennio Morricone Orchestra, Laura Pausini, Pavarotti, Bocelli, Zucchero, Nek and many others.

In 1997 Frudua's company was covered as the subject of a Doctoral Degree discussion at I.U.L.M. University in Milan, "Strategia e comunicazione nel settore delle chitarre elettriche in Italia. Il caso Frudua Guitar Works".

In 2003 Galeazzo Frudua began working with other technical designers on the production of handmade amplifiers for guitar and basses branded under "The Valve" trademark which was presented on the market in 2004 at the Frankfurt Music Messe.

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