Galeazzo Visconti (envoy)

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Negotiations for the Treaty of Basel in 1499 at the end of the Swabian War. The Milanese envoy Galeazzo Visconti presents his peace proposals to the delegation of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I at the city hall of Basel. A delegate from Lucerne (front left, in the blue-white dress) translates.

Galeazzo Visconti was an envoy who represented Ludovico Sforza, the deposed Duke of Milan, at the negotiations for the Treaty of Basel (1499).[1]


  1. ^ Oechsli, Wilhelm; Paul, Eden; Paul, Cedar (1922). "III, Mercenary Campaigns in Italy". History of Switzerland, 1499–1914 (1922). Cambridge historical series. Ed. by Sir G.W. Prothero. Cambridge: University Press. p. 26. OCLC 2884964. Retrieved November 6, 2010. The one hope of the overthrown duke was that he might succeed in supplanting the Swiss with the king of France. His agent, Galeazzo Visconti, did actually succeed in winning to his side the Grisons men and also the Valaisans, whose bishop, Matthew Schinner, was an enemy of France on principle.