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Galeb (computer).jpg
Manufacturer PEL Varaždin
Type Personal Computer
Release date 1981 (1981)
Units sold 250
CPU MOS 6502
Memory 9KB-64KB RAM, 16KB ROM
Display 96x48 resolution, monochrome
Input 59 key QWERTZ keyboard
Successor Orao
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Galeb (en. Seagull) was an 8-bit computer developed by the PEL Varaždin company in Yugoslavia in the early 1980s. A grand total of 250 were produced by the end of the summer of 1984, before being replaced by Orao.

Galeb was designed by Miroslav Kocijan and inspired by Compukit UK101 and Ohio Scientific Superboard and Superboard II computers that appeared in the UK and USA in 1979 and were less expensive than Apple II, Commodore PET and/or TRS-80 computers. The code name YU101 was chosen to resemble Compukit's UK101.[1]

Galeb was very similar to computers that inspired it:



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