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For the bug with the same name, see Galela (insect).
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Ebbenhout laden in Galela Halmahera TMnr 10013212.jpg
Galela is located in Halmahera
Location of the town in Halmahera
Coordinates: 1°49′N 127°51′E / 1.817°N 127.850°E / 1.817; 127.850Coordinates: 1°49′N 127°51′E / 1.817°N 127.850°E / 1.817; 127.850
Country  Indonesia
Province North Maluku
Island Halmahera
Regency North Halmahera
 • Total 107,000 [1]
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Galela (or actually Soasio, as it is called properly, with the name Galela referring to the entire district/kecamatan surrounding it), is a small town on the eastern Indonesian island of Halmahera. It is located in the North Halmahera Regency, part of the province of North Maluku. Views of Mount Tarakani can be seen from the scenic coast.[2] Galelarese constitutes an official ethnic group in North Halmhera and is also a language, spoken in the Galela region, neighboring parts of Tobelo and Loloda districts, on the island of Morotai and in villages scattered in southern Halmahera as well as on Bacan and Obi.

It is served by Galela Airport (GLX). During 2015 Susi Air flies from Ternate every Thursday morning. [3]


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