Galen Yuen

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Galen Yuen
Yuen with Werner Herzog, September 2005
Occupation Film, television, actor, director
Years active 1988-present

Galen Yuen is an Asian American character actor.


Yuen played a number of bit parts in Hollywood action and martial arts films beginning in the 1990s

In the beginning, these constituted stock roles—such as an appearance as a cleaning man in the 1990 Revealing Evidence: Stalking the Honolulu Strangler, a desk bookie in the same year's Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle Lionheart, and a smuggler in the 1991 Van Damme Double Impact. In 2005, Yuen received his highest billing up through that time with his role as Y.C. in maverick director Werner Herzog's Vietnam-era action film Rescue Dawn.

Yuen directed a segment of the omnibus-style urban drama Riot in 1997.


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