Galena Biopharma

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Galena Biopharma
Type Public (NASDAQGALE)
Industry Biotechnology
Founded 2006
Headquarters Lake Oswego, Oregon, United States
Key people Mark J. Ahn
Products NeuVax
Revenue $0 (2011)
Net income -$11.5 million (2011)
Employees 19 (March 2012)

Galena Biopharma (NASDAQ: GALE) is publicly traded pharmaceutical company based in Lake Oswego in the U.S. state of Oregon. The 19-employee company was originally started as Argonaut Pharmaceuticals and later became RXi Pharmaceuticals, both based in Worcester, Massachusetts, and is headed by president and CEO Mark J. Ahn.[1][2] Galena Biopharma focuses on cancer therapy and had an annual loss of $11.5 million with no revenue in 2011.[3]


The started as Argonaut Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in April 2006, and soon changed their name to RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation in November of that year.[2] RXi was originally a subsidiary of CytRx Corp., and was founded in part by Craig Mello.[4] CytRx provided financing of $15 million to RXi in April 2007.[4][5] In September 2007, RXi signed a licensing deal with TriLink Biotechnologies, a competitor in the RNA interference (RNAi) field, in which RXi would pay TriLink to use three of TriLink's technologies.[5]

RXi went public in March 2008 in an unusual maneuver in which parent company CytRx gave shares of RXi to its existing shareholders.[6][7] CytRx retained ownership of 49% of RXi's stock, which started trading on the NASDAQ market on March 12, 2008, under the ticker symbol of RXII.[6][7] Fidelity Investments invested $8.5 million in the company in May 2008,[8] followed by a $25 million private-equity investment by Yorkville in February 2009.[9] In 2010, RXi was awarded a National Institutes of Health grant of $600,000.[10]

By August 2010, the company had grown to 30 employees.[10] In March 2011, the company announced the planned acquisition of Arizona-based Apthera, Inc. for $7 million.[1] The acquisition included a breast cancer drug called NeuVax.[11] That same month, president and CEO Noah Beerman was replaced by Mark J. Ahn.[1] In April 2011, RXi raised approximately $12 million from a stock offering[12] and received $580,000 in grants from the National Institutes of Health.[13] Also in 2011, NeuVax was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration to start astage three clinical trial.[14]

In September 2011, the company restructured and renamed itself as Galena Biopharma.[15][1] As part of the restructuring, a new company was created that retained the RNAi technologies, which itself retained the old RXi Pharmaceuticals name, and which remained headquartered in Massachusetts.[15][1] Meanwhile the cancer therapies portion of the company went with Galena Biopharma, with that portion of the business remaining a publicly traded.[1] Galena Biopharma then moved to Oregon at that same time, but retained an ownership stake in the other part of the company.[1][16] Part of the decision to move to the Portland metropolitan area was to be close to the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University.[1]

In October 2011, the company had to restate their financial results.[17] The company entered into a joint drug project with Genentech in November 2011 to combine drugs of each company for a cancer treatment.[18][19] In November 2012, an anonymous internet report caused the stock to briefly tumble and for the company to file a lawsuit claiming the report was a lie and an attempt to manipulate the stock.[20] The company started selling its first drug in 2013 with the introduction of Abstral Sublingual, a cancer pain drug.[21] In 2014, Galena bought Mills Pharmaceuticals.[22]


Galena Biopharma's main product is NeuVax, a breast cancer therapy drug in clinical trials.[18] The drug may also serve as a vaccine to prevent breast cancer.[1] The company is working with Genentech, which is a subsidiary of Roche, to try the drug in combination with Roche's Herceptin.[19]


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