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For the older name used for a mollusc, see Melongena.
Male Galeodes sp. (Daroji, India)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Solifugae
Family: Galeodidae
Genus: Galeodes
Olivier, 1791

Galeodes is a genus of solifuges or sun spiders. The nearly 200 species in this genus are found in northern Africa, southeastern Europe and Asia. Like other solifuges, they are mainly nocturnal and found in arid habitats. They often have long hairy appendages and are not as stout bodied or dark and contrastingly coloured as some other solifuges. Some Galeodes species are able to produce sounds by stridulation. These are usually raspy or hiss-like and may be imitations of the sounds of vipers, to serve a defensive function.[1] As in other solifuges, mating involves the male depositing a spermatogonia that is manipulated into the female genital opening using their chelicera. The male strokes the female using the palps allowing her to be approached. Females will often feed on males before or after mating. The female then deposits the eggs in a burrow in soil and in some species guards them.[2]

List of species[edit]



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