Gales Creek, North Carolina

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The Gales Creek area of Carteret County, North Carolina is part of the greater Newport, North Carolina area.[1]

Gales Creek empties into Bogue Sound, which is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by Bogue Banks, part of North Carolina's barrier islands known as the Southern Outer Banks.

A Presbyterian Church Camp, Camp Albemarle, is located near the mouth of Gales Creek at the former home of Henry Wilkins Hibbs, 1862–1942, the second mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida and the founder of that city's commercial fishing industry.

Upstream along Gales Creek and further into the Pocosin, was another camp for youth operated by the Eckerd Youth Alternatives program, Camp E-Ma-Henwu. It closed in 2009. Nearby Camp Sam Hatcher is a Boy Scout campground.

The area is included in the state-defined growing region for Bogue Sound Watermelons, an effort to market the area's traditional agricultural commodity following the model of the Vidalia Onion.


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Coordinates: 34°44′40″N 76°54′08″W / 34.7443551°N 76.9022089°W / 34.7443551; -76.9022089