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Galgala is located in Somalia
Location in Somalia
Coordinates: 11°17′N 49°10′E / 11.283°N 49.167°E / 11.283; 49.167
Country  Somalia
Region Bari, Somalia
Time zone East Africa Time (UTC+3)

Galgala is a growing town in Bari region of Somalia. The town has ancient markings of religious symbols and crosses and ancient remains of a cairns which commonly found in Sanaag and Bari, Somalia regions.[1][citation needed] The town has a population nearing 20,000.

Galgala Campaign[edit]

Main article: Galgala campaign

The Galgala campaign started on 24 July 2010 when militants led by the notorious Arms Dealer and Al Shabaab operative,[2] Mohamed Said Atom attacked a checkpoint in the town of Karin,[3] just south of commercial town of Bosaaso. Puntland Security Forces responded by attacking the main base of Atom's militants in Galgala on 13 August 2010.[4] The campaign was finished October 31, 2010.[5]


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Coordinates: 11°09′47″N 048°12′00″E / 11.16306°N 48.20000°E / 11.16306; 48.20000