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Galgalatz' new official logo appears since the station's 20 years anniversary in 2013.

Galgalatz or GLGLZ (Hebrew: גלגלצ) is an Israeli radio station, operated by Israel Defense Forces Radio. This is the second of two Israel Defense Forces-operated stations, while the first one is Israel Defense Forces Radio/Galatz. The station was established in 1993 and broadcasts primarily nonstop (mainly English-language and Hebrew) pop and rock music and traffic reports, and few content programs. The station was established with the aid of the Israeli Ministry of Transportation (the Israeli National Authority for Traffic Safety), and frequently broadcasts Traffic Safety messages. At the top of every hour the station broadcasts a news report.

The meaning of the name[edit]

The first station of the Israel Defense Forces, established in 1950 is called Israel Defense Forces Radio/Galatz which is an Acronym of Galei Tzahal (Hebrew: גלי צה"ל, Galei Tzahal, lit. IDF Waves). This second station was supposed to have traffic safety content in its broadcast, so the name had to express this uniqueness of the station. The word "Galgal" is Hebrew for wheel (Hebrew: גלגל) and symbolizes the connection to traffic. "Galgalatz" is a portmanteau of "Galgal" and "Galatz". This name was created by Merav Michaeli.


Galgalatz airs every Thursday the "Official Music Chart Of Israel", which includes top 10 Israeli and international songs, based on the audience's choice on the station's website. The last Friday of the year, Galgaltz also broadcasts the Israeli annual international song chart. On 31 December 2019, Galgalatz aired the official hot 100 decade-chart.

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