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Galičica Mountain from St. Naum Monastery

Galičica (Macedonian: Галичица , Albanian: Mali i Thatë) is a mountain situated across the border between North Macedonia and Albania. There is a national park on North Macedonia's side of the mountain, situated between the two biggest lakes in the republic: Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa. It stretches over an area of 227 square kilometres (88 sq mi).

The floral life in the Galičica National Park represents over 1600 species, of which many relicts and endems have the final frontier of its range exactly on the mountain Galičica. There is characteristically presence of up to now 13 discovered local endems on North Macedonian side to be found exclusively on the slopes of Galičica and nowhere else, this illustrates the specifically floristic composition of this mountain. At the moment,[when?] it is intensively worked on the flora of the National Park and there are indications that the number of endems will be even bigger.[original research?]

Views of the lakes and neighbouring mountains can be seen from the Galičica peaks. The second-highest peak is Magaro (2,255 m).

The National Park was confirmed by the government to be a national park in 1958.


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