Gali (town)

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Georgian: გალი; Abkhazian: Гал
Gali na mapě.svg
Gali is located in Abkhazia
Gali is located in Georgia
Gali (Georgia)
Coordinates: 42°38′N 41°44′E / 42.633°N 41.733°E / 42.633; 41.733Coordinates: 42°38′N 41°44′E / 42.633°N 41.733°E / 42.633; 41.733
Country Georgia
Region Abkhazia

Gali (Georgian: გალი [gɑli] (About this sound listen); Abkhazian: Гал, Gal) is a town in Georgia, 77 km southeast to Sukhumi in region Abkhazia. It is the centre of Gali District and was in the United Nations security zone prior to the Russian veto of the UNOMIG Mission in 2009. As of 2011 the town has a population of 7 605 inhabitants.[1]

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Bird's eye view of Gali [2]


Gali was granted town status in 1932.[3]

On 15 April 1953, the newspaper Izvestia reported that the residents of Gali were celebrating the 132nd birthday of its oldest resident, Tlabgan Ketsba, and that he had founded the town in the 19th century.[4]

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