Galician campaign (1384)

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Galician campaign
Part of 1383–1385 Crisis
Date 1384
Location Galicia, Castile
Result Portuguese victory[1]
PortugueseFlag1385.svg Kingdom of Portugal Escudo Corona de Castilla.png Crown of Castile
Commanders and leaders
Pedro, Count of Trastámara[2] Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
None 2 ships sunk
1 galley captured[3]

The Galician Campaign of 1384 was a Portuguese naval campaign commanded by a Castillian noble, Don Pedro de Trastámara, who sided with John I of Portugal. The Portuguese, whose main ship was the Royal galley itself, made a series of attacks on Galicia, conquering the towns of Baiona, A Coruña and Neda and burning the coastal town of Ferrol to the ground.[4] Additionally, the Portuguese destroyed 2 large Castilian ships and captured a galley. All three ships were carrying supplies to the Castilian army besieging Lisbon.

When the Portuguese returned to Porto celebrations were held to honour their victory.

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