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Galileo Japanese Drama.JPG
StarringMasaharu Fukuyama
Kou Shibasaki
Yuriko Yoshitaka
Theme music composerMasaharu Fukuyama
Opening themevs. ~Chikaku to Kairaku no Rasen~ (season 1)
vs.2013 ~Chikaku to Kairaku no Rasen~ (season 2)
Ending themeKISS Shite (KOH+, season 1)
Koi no Maryoku (KOH+, season 2)
Composer(s)Yugo Kanno
Country of originJapan
Original language(s)Japanese
No. of episodes21
Executive producer(s)Hiroshi Nishitani
Takeshi Narita
Kensaku Sawada
Mizuki Nishisaka
Producer(s)Yoshihiro Suzuki
Tadashi Makino
Hiroyuki Kikuchi
Production location(s)Tokyo
Running time60 minutes per episode
Production company(s)Fuji TV Drama Production Center
DistributorFuji TV
Original networkFuji TV
Picture formatISDB 1080i60
Original releaseOctober 15, 2007 – December 17, 2007 (season 1)
April 15, 2013 –
June 17, 2013 (season 2)
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Galileo (ガリレオ, Garireo) is a Japanese television drama based on Detective Galileo (探偵ガリレオ, Tantei Garireo), a novel by mystery writer Keigo Higashino (東野 圭吾, Higashino Keigo). It narrates the events and cases encountered by Kaoru Utsumi, a rookie detective, and Manabu Yukawa, a university associate professor, as the two pair up to solve many mysterious cases. Galileo SP was aired on October 4, 2008, on the same day as the release of the film The Devotion of Suspect X.

A second series began airing on Fuji TV on April 15, 2013, and ended with an adaption of the novel Salvation of a Saint. The second movie, titled Midsummer's Equation (真夏の方程式, Manatsu no hōteishiki, lit. The Equation of Midsummer), premiered in both Japan and Hong Kong on June 29, 2013.


Kaoru Utsumi, a rookie detective who has just been reassigned to the criminal division, finds the investigation of her first murder case stalled by seemingly-supernatural phenomena surrounding the event. She seeks help from Shunpei Kusanagi, a senior detective at the police headquarter famous as a "Mystery Hunter". Kusanagi, however, reveals to Utsumi that he was only able to solve the cases thanks to his college friend, Teito University professor Manabu Yukawa. Yukawa is a tall, handsome, brilliant but eccentric scientist who is interested in nothing but physics, while Utsumi is a hot-blooded detective with a strong sense of justice. Together, the odd pair solves many difficult and seemingly impossible events with their individual talents.


Season 1[edit]

  • Masaharu Fukuyama as Manabu Yukawa (湯川学, Yukawa Manabu)
  • Kou Shibasaki as Kaoru Utsumi (内海薫, Utsumi Kaoru)
  • Kazuki Kitamura as Shunpei Kusanagi (草薙俊平, Kusanagi Shunpei)
  • Hiroshi Shinagawa as Shiro Yuge (弓削志郎, Yuge Shirō)
  • Ikkei Watanabe as Hiromi Kuribayashi (栗林宏美, Kuribayashi Hiromi)
  • Miki Maya as Sakurako Jonouchi (城ノ内桜子, Jōnouchi Sakurako)


Season 2[edit]

  • Masaharu Fukuyama as Manabu Yukawa (湯川学, Yukawa Manabu)
  • Yuriko Yoshitaka as Misa Kishitani (岸谷美砂, Kishitani Misa)
  • Yu Sawabe as Minoru Otagawa (太田川稔, Ōtagawa Minoru)
  • Yuto Marick Yasuhara as Isaac (アイザック, Aizakku)


Season 1[edit]

  • 1st episode: Toshiaki Karasawa as Tatsuo Kanamori (金森龍男, Kanamori Tatsuo)
  • 2nd episode: Mantaro Koichi as Hiroshi Uemura (上村宏, Uemura Hiroshi)
  • 3rd episode: Ryōko Hirosue as Yayoi Kanzaki (神崎弥生, Kanzaki Yayoi)
  • 4th episode: Shingo Katori (SMAP) as Shoichi Tagami (田上昇一, Tagami Shōichi)
  • 5th episode: Suzuka Ohgo as Akiho Yajima (矢島秋穂, Yajima Akiho)
  • 6th episode: Maki Horikita as Remi Morisaki (森崎礼美, Morisaki Remi)
  • 7th episode: Kyoko Fukada as Shizuko Sugawara (菅原静子, Sugawara Shizuko)
  • 8th episode: Yumiko Shaku as Chiaki Maeda (前田千晶, Maeda Chiaki)
  • 9th and final episodes: Hiroshi Kume as Seishiro Kijima (木島征志郎, Kijima Seishirō)
  • Guests for Episode Φ (Zero)
    • Masami Nagasawa as Akari Shionoya (塩野谷あかり, Shionoya Akari)
    • Ayaka Komatsu as Yoko Hirahara (平原瑤子, Hirahara Yōko)
    • Karina as Namie Shindo (新藤奈美恵, Shindō Namie)
    • Keizo Kanie as Yukimasa Tomonaga (友永幸正, Tomonaga Yukimasa)

Season 2[edit]

  • 1st episode: Takao Osawa as Shiko Renzaki (連崎至光, Renzaki Shikō)
  • 2nd episode: Haruna Kawaguchi as Kanako Mase (真瀬加奈子, Mase Kanako)
  • 3rd episode: Yuko Oshima as Mutsumi Wakizaka (脇坂睦美, Wakizaka Mutsumi)
  • 4th episode: Seiichi Tanabe as Tadamasa Yanagisawa (柳沢忠正, Yanagisawa Tadamasa)
  • 5th episode: Mirei Kiritani as Wakana Isoya (磯谷若菜, Isoya Wakana) and Haruna Mikami (三上春菜, Mikami Haruna) (dual role)
  • 6th episode: Yui Natsukawa as Yuko Nogi (野木祐子, Nogi Yūko)
  • 7th episode: Yuu Kashii as Yui Kojima (小島結衣, Kojima Yui)
  • 8th episode: Yū Aoi as Atsuko Kanbara (神原敦子, Kanbara Atsuko)
  • 9th episode: Katsuhisa Namase as Eiji Takado (高藤英治, Takadō Eiji)
  • 10th episode: Yūki Amami as Ayane Mashiba (真柴綾音, Mashiba Ayane)


Season 1[edit]

Episode Title Writer Director Original airdate
01"Burns (Weirdo Genius Scientist)"
Transcription: "Moeru" (Japanese: 燃える(変人天才科学者))
Yasushi FukudaHiroshi NishitaniOctober 15, 2007 (2007-10-15)
A young man dies from burns to the head while out one night partying with his friends. Police investigators believe it to be an accident caused by the firecrackers the deceased possesses, but his friends claim spontaneous human combustion. Kaoru Utsumi, the rookie police investigator assigned to this case, seeks help from Manabu Yukawa, an associate professor at Teito University. The two begin their investigation and discover the dark truth behind the murder. Main Guest: Toshiaki Karasawa.
02"Floats (Mystery of OL Murderer and the Flying Boy!)"
Transcription: "Nukeru" (Japanese: 離脱る(OL殺人と空を飛ぶ少年の謎!))
Yasushi FukudaHiroshi NishitaniOctober 22, 2007 (2007-10-22)
An OL is found murdered in her apartment. The police quickly apprehend a man, the victim's insurance agent, who they believe to be the perpetrator. The man claims to have been taking a nap in his vehicle when the murder took place, but is unable to produce a credible alibi. However, a boy comes forward and claims to have seen the man's vehicle near his house, which is considerably distant from the murder scene. The only catch is that the boy claims to have seen the vehicle while experiencing astral projection. Main Guest: Yuuki Imai.
03"Poltergeist (Missing Husband and the Dark House Cursed by Ghost!)"
Transcription: "Sawagu" (Japanese: 騒霊ぐ(消えた夫と幽霊の棲む黒い家!))
Osho FuruyaTakeshi NaritaOctober 29, 2007 (2007-10-29)
After working overnight, the exhausted Utsumi receives a call from Yukawa, who asks her for help in finding the brother-in-law of one of his students. The man has been missing for over a week, and the wife has tracked down the last known location of her husband - a house owned by a recently deceased old woman and now occupied by the woman's nephew and some suspicious persons. The wife believes that her husband is in the house, and convinces Utsumi to search the house with her. However, while they search the premises, the house suddenly rattles violently. The frightened Utsumi believes it to be the rage of a poltergeist. Main Guest: Ryōko Hirosue
04"Necrosis (Handsome Genius and Dangerous Seduction of the Murderer)"
Transcription: "Kusaru" (Japanese: 壊死る(美しき天才殺人者の危険な誘惑))
Yasushi FukudaKensaku SawadaNovember 5, 2007 (2007-11-05)
A girl is found dead in the swimming pool of her house. The cause of death is determined to be a heart attack, and police rule the death to be by natural causes. However, Utsumi spots a purple mark on the victim's chest, and asks the coroner to analyze it. It is revealed to be necrosis, which prompts Utsumi to consider the girl's death suspicious. It is later revealed that two more victims have died under similar circumstances, which strengthens Utsumi's belief that this is a homicide case. Main Guests: Shingo Katori, Sora Aoi
05"Strangulation (The Mystery of the Fireball and the Perfect Closed-room Murderer)"
Transcription: "Shimeru" (Japanese: 絞殺る(火の玉の謎と完全なる密室殺人))
Osho FuruyaTakeshi NaritaNovember 12, 2007 (2007-11-12)
A man is found murdered in a hotel room. There is no sign of forced entry, no sign of any struggle, and witnesses claim no one has entered the room besides the victim. Another witness who works in the building across from the window claims to have seen ghostly fireballs - a statement that interests Yukawa and prompts him to uncover the secret behind the man's death. Main Guests: Suzuka Ohgo, Miki Mizuno
06"Fantasy (Love of the Future and a Long Night Together)"
Transcription: "Yumemiru" (Japanese: 夢想る(未来の恋と二人きりの長い夜))
Otaro MatsumotoHiroshi NishitaniNovember 19, 2007 (2007-11-19)
One of Utsumi's childhood friends is wanted for breaking and entering into a young girl's house. While on the run, he contacts Utsumi and claims to have known the girl for a long time, and it was she who told him to go to his house. There is also evidence suggesting this man has known the girl since he was a child and the girl was not even born yet, and that there is an unknown tie between him, the girl, and Utsumi. Utsumi, determined to help his friend, persuades Yukawa to solve the mystery behind the man's dream. Main Guest: Maki Horikita, Hirofumi Arai
07"Foresight (Murder Device of Horror Loved by the Beautiful Wife)"
Transcription: "Shiru" (Japanese: 予知る(美しき妻の愛した恐怖の殺人装置))
Osho FuruyaMizuki NishisakaNovember 26, 2007 (2007-11-26)
An ordinary man who doesn't have much physical appeal to others has just married a beautiful woman, and when another pretty woman flirts with him, he gets completely carried away and cheats on his newly-wedded wife. Now the mistress demands that he divorce his wife or she will hang herself, which she does, dying across the street in a building where the guy was able to see her through his window. Police come, the news spreads, and the beautiful wife learns about the mistress and leaves the man. It is a common love-triangle-gone-bad situation, only that the man claims that he had seen somebody trying to hang herself in the exact same manner in the exact same unit across the street only a week ago. What did he really see? Does he really have the power of precognition? Main Guest: Kyoko Fukada
08"Spiritual Sight (The Ghost Who Notified Her Sister of the Murder!)"
Transcription: "Miru" (Japanese: 霊視る(殺人事件を知らせた姉の幽霊!))
Osho FuruyaTakeshi NaritaDecember 3, 2007 (2007-12-03)
A cooking instructor is murdered in her office, but while she is being murdered, she mysteriously appears right before her sister, who was 30 kilometers away from the office, to warn her about the killing. Main Guest: Yumiko Shaku
09"Transcription (Serial Murder Set up by the Devil)"
Transcription: "Utsuru" (Japanese: 転写る(悪魔が仕掛けた連続殺人))
Osho FuruyaMizuki NishisakaDecember 10, 2007 (2007-12-10)
A man is found dead from exploding in a lake. Meanwhile, at a school, an art student has produced a piece he calls "The Death Mask", which accurately represents the face of a missing person. A disturbing past is also discovered between Yukawa and the prime suspects of the murders. Main Guest: Hiroshi Kume
10"Explosion (Kiss on Christmas Eve!)"
Transcription: "Hazeru" (Japanese: 爆ぜる(聖夜にKISSして!))
Yasushi Fukuda
Osho Furuya
Kensaku SawadaDecember 17, 2007 (2007-12-17)
Yukawa confronts his ex-teacher regarding double-murders which then led to the death of the teacher's secretary. Afterwards, Utsumi is faced with a life-threatening situation that only Yukawa can handle. Main Guest: Hiroshi Kume

Season 2[edit]

Episode Title Writer Director Original airdate
01"Delusion (The Weirdo Returns! The First Episode is Physics vs Psychokinesis!!)"
Transcription: "Madowasu" (Japanese: 幻惑す(帰ってきた変人! 第1話は物理学対念力!!))
Yasushi FukudaMizuki NishisakaApril 15, 2013 (2013-04-15)
The death of a young man who jumps out of a window is photographed as it happens by a pair of reporters who are preparing a story on a new religious cult. However, the cult's leader claims this was not really a suicide, as it was the result of psychic pressure applied to cleanse the young man's guilt.
02"Guide (The Crystal Pendulum that Brings Death! The Weirdo vs Bishōjo)"
Transcription: "Shimesu" (Japanese: 指標す(死を呼ぶ水晶振り子! 変人vs美少女))
Yasushi FukudaMizuki NishisakaApril 22, 2013 (2013-04-22)
Detective Kishitani has deduced the basic outline of how and why a kindly grandmother was murdered, but her case report is rejected because it states that some of the evidence was discovered by dowsing. She is mortified that her colleagues are starting to call her "Occult-chan", and turns to Yukawa sensei to sort out the truth behind the dowsing.


Season Timeslot Season premiere Season finale Rating
1 Monday 9:00 p.m. October 15, 2007 December 17, 2007 21.91 22.45

Video game[edit]

A adventure game based on the series was developed by Tomcat System and published by D3Publisher for Nintendo DS on October 16, 2008.


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