Galileo Records

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Galileo Records (GmbH)
Parent companyIndependent
Founded1998 (1998)
FounderPatrick Becker
Distributor(s)CDBaby, Online music store (iTunes,, Zune Marketplace, etc.)
GenreProgressive rock, Progressive metal
Country of originE.U. European Union
LocationBettlach, Switzerland

Galileo Records is a GmbH Switzerland-based record label that publishes progressive rock and metal albums. The label was formed in 1998 by Konny Eisenring, and Patrick Becker. Konny left Galileo after two years.


Konny Eisenring and Patrick Becker got the idea of starting a label after seeing the band Xang perform in a French festival. The two contacted the band, who said they did not have a label. Eisenring and Becker decided to sign the band, and Xang's Destiny of a Dream became Galileo Record's first album. After Galileo's second artist, Metaphor, was signed, Eisenring left the company. Becker then took full control over the company. In 2005, Galileo Records was established as an LLC and a GmbH is the Swiss register.[1]

List of bands signed by Galileo Records[edit]


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