Galinha à portuguesa

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Galinha à portuguesa
Galinha à Portuguesa.jpg
Place of origin Portuguese Macau
Invented Between 16th century and 18th century
Main ingredients chicken
Ingredients generally used rice
coconut-based sauce
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Galinha à portuguesa (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɡɐˈɫĩɲ aː puɾtuˈɣezɐ]) or "Portuguese-style chicken" (葡國雞) is a dish of Macanese cuisine. Despite its name, Galinha à portuguesa did not originate from Portugal as such; rather it came from Macao, where the dish was given the "Portuguese" name to enhance its status.

Galinha à portuguesa is served as pieces of chicken, potato and sometimes boiled rice with a mild, coconut-based, curry-like sauce, baked till golden and with a distinctive aroma.

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