Galinhas Island

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Galinhas Island
Ilha das Galinhas
Galinhas Island is located in Guinea-Bissau
Galinhas Island
Galinhas Island
Location Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 11°28′00″N 15°41′00″W / 11.4667°N 15.6833°W / 11.4667; -15.6833Coordinates: 11°28′00″N 15°41′00″W / 11.4667°N 15.6833°W / 11.4667; -15.6833
Archipelago Bissagos Islands
Area 50 km2 (19 sq mi)
Length 10 km (6 mi)
Width 6 km (3.7 mi)
Region Bolama Region
Population over 1,500

Galinhas Island (Portuguese: Ilha das Galinhas)[1]is an island in the Bijagós Archipelago of Guinea-Bissau.


Galinhas Island is located 60 km southwest of Bolama town. The Canal de Bolama separates it from Bolama Island, the easternmost island of the group that lies close to the mainland. The area of the island is 50 km², its length is 10 km and its width is 6 km.[2]

Galinhas Island is home to over 1,500 people. Settlements include Ambancana (Ambankana), Acampamento, Ametite and others includes Ancano (Ankano) and Anchorupe (Anshorup). Chief production are cashew nuts which are mainly exported to India. Landmarks on the island include the former Portuguese prison and governor's house. Some boats from Bissau to Bubaque call at the island. Nearby islands and islets includes Formosa to the west and Roxa to the south.


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