Galitska Synagogue

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Galitska Synagogue
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Basic information
Location Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Geographic coordinates 50°26′45″N 30°29′17″E / 50.44583°N 30.48806°E / 50.44583; 30.48806Coordinates: 50°26′45″N 30°29′17″E / 50.44583°N 30.48806°E / 50.44583; 30.48806
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural style Moorish Revival
Completed 1909

The Galitska Synagogue is a synagogue in Kyiv, Ukraine.


The Aesopian synagogue was built in 1909 in a Moorish Revival style. The facade is neo-romanticist, with neo-Byzantine elements. The building was devastated during the World War II by Nazis. For the next fifty years it was used as a workers' canteen of the "Transsignal" electrotechnical plant. It was renovated in 2001 and is active today.


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