Galiuro Mountains

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Galiuro Mountains
Galiuro Wilderness Map.jpg
extensive Galiuro Wilderness at center-south
Highest point
PeakBassett Peak (Galiuro Mountains)
Elevation7,663 ft (2,336 m)
Coordinates32°30′22″N 110°16′47″W / 32.5062°N 110.2798°W / 32.5062; -110.2798
Length55 mi (89 km) NW-SE
Width15 mi (24 km)
Galiuro Mountains is located in Arizona
Galiuro Mountains
Galiuro Mountains in Arizona
CountryUnited States
RegionMadrean Sky Islands
((northeast)-Sonoran Desert)
DistrictsGraham County AZ and Pinal County, AZ
SettlementMammoth, AZKlondyke, Arizona
(Redington, AZ-site-SW)
Range coordinates32°35′12″N 110°19′48″W / 32.58667°N 110.33000°W / 32.58667; -110.33000Coordinates: 32°35′12″N 110°19′48″W / 32.58667°N 110.33000°W / 32.58667; -110.33000
Borders onSan Pedro River & Valley-SW
Aravaipa Valley-NE
Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness-NW
Winchester Mountains-SE
Rincon Mountains-SW
Topo mapBassett Peak quad

The Galiuro Mountains are a large sky island mountain range of southeast Arizona, USA. It is a northerly mountain range in the Madrean Sky Islands region of southeast Arizona, northern Sonora in northwestern Mexico, and the extreme southwest (the "bootheel") of New Mexico.

The range is noted for its height and ruggedness. The Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness encompasses the north perimeter of the range, and the large Galiuro Wilderness covers the central-south. To the south, the Galiuro Wilderness borders the Redfield Canyon Wilderness. A river valley borders the range to the southwest, and Aravaipa Creek and Valley border its northeast.

View of the Galiuros from near San Manuel.

Range overview[edit]

The Galiuro Mountains are a northwest-southeast trending range. The moderately wide San Pedro Valley and River border its southwest, abutting the northeast of the large sky island Santa Catalina Mountains range. The more narrow canyon northeast is the Aravaipa Valley with Aravaipa Creek.

Mammoth, Arizona, northeast of Tucson and Oracle, is the closest city to the range on its northwest.

Power's Cabin, the site of the Power's Cabin Shootout in 1918.

Peaks and landforms[edit]

The highest peak of the range is Bassett Peak at 7,663 feet (2,336 m).[1] Other peaks from north-to-south: Black Butte at 4,573 feet (1,394 m), Sixtysix Peak, Mescal Peak, Horse Mountain at 6,225 feet (1,897 m), Maverick Mountain at 7,003 feet (2,135 m), China Peak, Topout Peak, Kennedy Peak at 7,549 feet (2,301 m), Sunset Peak, Bassett Peak at 7,663 feet (2,336 m), and Saddle Mountain at 6,167 feet (1,880 m).


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