Galleria Shopping Centre (Perth)

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Galleria Shopping Centre
Morley galleria western australia.jpg
LocationMorley, Western Australia
Opening date1994
DeveloperColes Myer
ManagementVicinity Centres
OwnerVicinity Centres (50%); Perron Group (50%)
No. of stores and services227
No. of anchor tenants5
Total retail floor area73,204 m²
No. of floors2 of stores and 2 of car parking and a 3-storey Myer department store

Galleria Shopping Centre (formerly known as Westfield Galleria, Centro Galleria and Galleria 220) is a shopping centre located in Morley, Western Australia, about 8 kilometres (5 mi) northeast of the Perth city centre. It is the fourth largest shopping centre in Western Australia, with several major retailers and approximately 227 specialty retailers.

The present centre was constructed in stages between 1988 with Coles and Kmart Australia, and in 1994 with Event Cinemas and Myer. In 2008 a new level was constructed for Myer.


The shopping centre was developed as a joint construction between Colonial Mutual Group and Coles Myer. Construction started in 1989 after a fire had destroyed the Boans complex in June 1986.[1][2] Construction joined three separate shopping centres — Morley Shopping Centre (Coles and Kmart), Morley City Shopping Centre (Woolworths and Target) and Boans Shopping Centre, which were demolished to make way for Galleria.[3] The 1994 redevelopment was designed by the Los Angeles architects RTKL Associates Inc and local firm Oldham Boas Ednie-Brown Architects, Planners & Interior Designers (now known as The Buchan Group). The centre was officially opened on 26 September 1994.[1]

In 1996, Galleria was sold in its entirety by joint owners Coles Myer and Colonial Mutual Group to Westfield Group for $289 million.[4] The centre was renamed as Westfield Galleria.[4]

In 2003, Galleria was acquired from Westfield by Centro Properties Group for $414 million, the centre being renamed as Centro Galleria.[5] Westfield Group continued to operate the centre until late 2004 when Centro Properties Group officially took over management of the centre.[citation needed] In 2012, private property investment group, Perron Group, acquired 50% of Galleria, entering a co-ownership arrangement with Centro.[6][7]

In mid 2012, Centro Galleria rebranded as Galleria 220 (to represent its 220 stores), and later simply Galleria, while still under Centro's management.[8] In 2013, Centro rebranded as Federation Centres, and in November, Galleria shopping centre was rebranded as simply Galleria, to match the other centres in the chain.[9][10] In 2015, Federation Centres rebranded as Vicinity Centres after merging with Novion Property Group.[11]

On February 3 2015, a transformer exploded around 9.30am near the Woolworths loading bay area resulting in the deaths of 2 people, others suffered serious burn injuries.[12]

On June 16 2016 it was confirmed a new $800 million development was green lighted by the City of Bayswater. A few months later it was confirmed the development is expected to be done in around 2020. As of August 2017 no major news of the development has been confirmed.

In March 2017, new major tenant Aldi was opened outside of the complex, replacing the old Morley Library.[13]


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