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Gallery may refer to:

In arts and entertainment[edit]



Buildings and spaces[edit]

  • Art gallery, an exhibition in a museum or other public space, or a retail art shop
  • Long gallery, an architectural element
    • Veranda, an open-air gallery or porch
  • A balcony inside or outside of a building, such as a theater, concert hall, church, courtroom, or legislative chamber
  • Production control room, in a UK television studio
  • Gallery, a horizontal passage in an underground mine


  • Daniel V. Gallery (1901–1977), Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy during World War II; fought in the Battle of the Atlantic
  • William O. Gallery (1904–1981), Rear Admiral, naval aviator
  • Philip D. Gallery (1907–1973), Rear Admiral who served on Naval destroyers in the Pacific Theater
  • Robert Gallery (born 1980), American football player


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