Gallery of Contemporary Sculpture and Plastic Arts

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Gallery of Contemporary Sculpture and Plastic Arts
Галерея Современной Скульптуры и Пластики
Gallery of Contemporary Sculpture and Plastic Arts is located in Saint Petersburg
Gallery of Contemporary Sculpture and Plastic Arts
Location within Saint Petersburg
Established 2009 (2009)
Location 27/2 Marshal Tukhachevsky St, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Coordinates 59°58′15″N 30°19′17″E / 59.970903°N 30.321381°E / 59.970903; 30.321381
Type Sculpture Gallery
Founder Sophia Kasim
Director Sophia Kasim

The Gallery of Contemporary Sculpture and Plastic Arts (Russian: Галерея Современной Скульптуры и Пластики), or Sculpture Gallery, is an art gallery in Saint Petersburg, Russia which was opened in 2009. Its founder and director is Sophia Kasim.

The Sculpture Gallery is the first modern exhibition center in St. Petersburg created for the exhibition and popularization of this kind of art. It deals manly with exhibitions, including traveling exhibitions, exchanges and landscapes. The Sculpture Gallery is included in the All-Russia Museum Registry.

The focus of the gallery is sculpture, both Russian and foreign, from the late 20th century to the present. Three themed exhibitions are held each year and they show the variety of styles and schools in the plastic arts such as sculpture, object, installation and miniatures. The materials vary from traditional (metal, wood, stone) to unusual (cellulose, foam plastic, cardboard).

One of the features of the gallery is landscape sculpture. According to the founder, exhibitions of landscape sculpture in the gallery give an opportunity to realize challenging projects, to show a broad spectrum of people works which are very difficult to exhibit, and to draw the attention of professionals and connoisseurs of this kind of art.


Zhogin Oleg (sculpture), Alexander Molev (sculpture), Iulia Muradova (sculpture, graphics), Vladimir Zhukov (painting, graphics), Tarasy Troshin (sculpture), Yevgeny Dukhovny (sculpture), Marina Spivak (sculpture), Alexander Pozin (sculpture), Inna Pozina (sculpture), Galina Pisareva (sculpture, painting), Sergey Borisov (sculpture), Idar Ishemgulov (sculpture), Vitaly Vargachev (sculpture), Andrey Efimov (sculpture), Mikhail Edomsky (sculpture, painting), Yevgeny Rotanov (sculpture)

Exhibition projects[edit]

  • Space exploration [1]
  • Transparent landscape [2]
  • Woman in my mind [3]
  • Old house [4]
  • Sculpture and interior design [5]
  • Wooden sculpture [6]
  • Magic in the country cottage [7]


Album Sculpture Gallery-2009 (pdf)[8]

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