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The gallery of passport stamps by country or territory contains an alphabetical list of sovereign states or dependent territories with images of their passport stamps including visas. All Schengen countries, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Moldova, North Macedonia, and Romania use the same format for their stamps, and stamps are not issued while traveling from one Schengen country to another within the area, even in the case of internal border controls.


Territory Entry Stamp Exit Stamp Visa Notes References
 Abkhazia Abkhazia Passport Stamp.jpg Abkhazia exit.jpg Unknown
 Afghanistan Afghanistan entry stamp.png Afghanistan exit.jpg AfghanVisa.jpg
 Albania Passport stamp Albania.jpg Exit stamp Albania.png Unknown
 Algeria Entry stemp of Algeria (Houari Boumediene Airport).png Exit stemp of Algeria (Houari Boumediene Airport).png Algeria Visa and Stamps.jpg
 American Samoa American Samoa Entry Stamp.tif American Samoa Exit stamp.tif Unknown
 Andorra Andorra Entry Stamp.jpg None[citation needed] None[1] [note 1]
 Angola Angola Entry Stamp.png Angola Exit Stamp.png AngolaVisa.jpg
 Anguilla Anguilla Entry Stamp.jpg None[citation needed] Unknown
 Antigua and Barbuda Passport entry antigua.png Passport exit antigua.png Unknown
 Argentina Argentina Entry Stamp..JPG ARGX HENSLEY.JPG Argentina visa 2017.jpg [note 2]
 Armenia Armenia Entry Stamp.png Armenia Exit Stamp.png Armenia visa.jpg
 Republic of Artsakh None None[2] Nagornokarabakh visa in german passport.JPG [note 3]
 Aruba Aruba Stamp Passport.png None[note 4] CaribbeanKingdomVisa.png
 Australia None None None [note 5]
 Austria Nickelsdorfpassportstamp.jpg Vienna Airport passport stamp.jpg Unknown
 Azerbaijan Entry stamp.png Exit stamp.png Visa Azerbaijan 2015.jpg
 Bahamas Bahamas Passport Stamp.png None[citation needed] Bahamas sticker visitors visa 2014.png [note 6]
 Bahrain Bahrain entry stamp.jpg Bahrain exit stamp.jpg BAHRAIN VISA.jpg
 Bangladesh BangladeshEntry.jpg BangladeshExit.jpg BangladeshVisa.jpg
 Barbados Barbados - Aeroporto de Bridgetown - Entrada.JPG Unknown Barbados stamp visitors visa 2015.png
 Belarus Belarus entry.jpg Belarus exit.jpg Wiza białoruska.JPG
 Belgium Belgium entry stamp.jpg Belgium exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Belize Belize-passport-stamp.jpg Belize exit.png Unknown
 Benin Benin - Aeroporto de Cotonou - Entrada.JPG Benin - Aeroporto de Cotonou - Saída.JPG Entry Visa for Benin.jpg
 Bermuda Bda passportstamp.jpg Unknown Unknown
 Bhutan BHU ENTRY.png BHU EXIT.png BHU VISA.png
 Bolivia Bolivia Entry Stamp VVI.jpg Bolivia Exit Stamp LPB.jpg BoliviaVisa.jpg
 Bosnia and Herzegovina BOSNIA - IVANICA entry stamp.jpg BOSNIA - DOLJANI exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Botswana Botswana Entry.png Botswana Exit.png Unknown
 British Virgin Islands BVI stamp.png Unknown Unknown
 Brunei Brunei Entry 2018.jpg Brunei Exit 2018.jpg Brunie Employment Visa.jpg
 Bulgaria Gyueshevopassportstamp.jpg Sofiaairportpassportstamp.jpg Bulgaria Visa 2015.jpg
 Burkina Faso Burkina Faso entry stamp.png Burkina Faso exit stamp.png Visa burkina.jpg
 Burundi BurundiEntry.jpg BurundiExit.jpg BurundiVisa1.jpg
 Cambodia Cambodia bavet passport stamp.jpg Cambodia exit stamp.png Cambodia Tourism Visa.jpg
 Cameroon Cameroon Entry Passport Stamp (Land).jpg Cameroon Entry Passport Stamp (Air).jpg Cameroon Tourism Visa.jpg
French-Canadian Immigration Stamp.jpg
None Visa to Canada.jpg [note 8]
 Cape Verde Entry stamp of Cape Verde.jpg Cabo Verde exit.jpg Visa Cape Verde.png
Netherlands Caribbean Netherlands Saba Entry.jpg Saba Exit.jpg CaribbeanKingdomVisa.png
 Cayman Islands Entry Stamp Cayman.jpg Cayman Islands passport exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Central African Republic Central African Republic Entry Passport Stamp (Air).jpg Central African Republic Exit Passport Stamp (Air).jpg Central African Republic Tourism Visa.jpg
 Chad Chad Entry Passport Stamp (Air).jpg Chad Exit Passport Stamp (Land).jpg ChadVisa.jpg
 Colombia Colombia entry.jpg Colombia exit.jpg Colombian Electronic Visa.jpg
 Comoros Unknown Unknown Unknown
 Congo, Democratic Republic of the DRCEntry.jpg DRCExit.jpg DRC entry stamp 2010.jpg
 Congo ROCEntry.jpg ROCExit.jpg ROCVisa.jpg
 Cook Islands CookIslandsEntry.jpg CookIslandsExit.jpg Unknown
 Costa Rica Entrada Costa Rica.jpg Salida Costa Rica.jpg Costa Rica Tourist Visa.jpg
 Côte d'Ivoire IvoryCoastEntry.jpg IvoryCoastExit.jpg Unknown
 Croatia Croatia entry.jpg Croatia exit.jpg Croatiantouristvisa.jpg
 Cuba Entry stamp Cuba.jpg
Cuba Exit; 20 April 2017.jpg
Unknown [note 9]
 Curaçao Curacao entry stamp.jpg Curaçao passport stamp.png CaribbeanKingdomVisa.png
 Cyprus Paphos entry passport stamp.jpg Paphos exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Czech Republic Czech passport stamp.png Czech prague airport exit.jpg Unknown
 Denmark Entry syamp to Denmark.jpg Denmark Exit Stamp Hensley.png Unknown
 Djibouti Djibouti entry stamp.jpg Djibouti exit stamp.jpg Djibouti-Visa-Business.jpg
 Dominica Dominica entry.jpg Dominica exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Dominican Republic Stamp of entry in Dominican Repubic 2018.jpg Stamp of Dominican Republic 2018.jpg Unknown
 East Timor East Timor entry stamp.jpg East Timor exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Ecuador Ecuador Entry Passport Stamp, 2018.jpg Ecuador Exit Passport Stamp, 2018.jpg Unknown
 Egypt EgyptTaba2017Entry.png EgyptTaba2017Exit.png EgyptVisa2017.png
 El Salvador SLVpassportstamp2017.jpg None[citation needed] Unknown [note 10]
 Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea entry stamp Equatorial Guinea exit stamp Unknown
 Eritrea Unknown Unknown Unknown
 Estonia Entry stamp Estonia.jpg Narva passport stamp.jpg Visa Estonia.jpg
 Eswatini Entry Stamp Swaziland.JPG Swaziland exit.png Swaziland Visa and stamps.jpg
 Ethiopia Entry stamp Ethiopia.JPG Ethiopia Exit stamp.jpg Ethiopia Visa.jpg
 Falkland Islands Falkland entry stamp.png Falkland exit stamp.png Unknown
 Faroe Islands Färöischer Einreisestempel.png Similar to Denmark Unknown
 Fiji Fiji immigration stamp.jpg Fiji Exit Stamp.tif
Fiji Visa.png
 Finland Helsinki airport stamp.png Finland helsinki ferry.JPG Finland Visa 2010.jpg
 French Guiana Unknown French Guyana Exit Passport Stamp.jpg Unknown
 French Polynesia French Polynesia Entry.jpg French Polynesia Exit.jpg Unknown
 Gabon GabonEntry.jpg Gabon visa extension and exit stamp.jpg GabonVisa1.jpg
 Gambia Gambia entry stamp.JPG Gambia exit stamp.JPG Visa for the Gambia.jpg
 Georgia Entry Stamp Georgia.JPG Exit Stamp Georgia.JPG Georgia Visa 2010.jpg
 Germany Frankfurt airport stamp Arrive.png Frankfurt airport stamp Departure.png Visa Alemania.jpg
 Ghana Ghana Entry Stamp.png Ghana Exit Stamp.JPG Visa ghana.jpg
 Gibraltar Passport entry stamp for Gibraltar.png Unknown Unknown
 Greece Greece doirani entry.jpg Athens airport passport stamp.jpg Unknown
 Greenland Similar to Denmark Greenland Passport Stamp.jpg Unknown [note 11]
 Grenada Granada - Aeroporto Maurice Bishop - Entrada.JPG Unknown Unknown
 Guadeloupe Enreisestempel Guadeloupe.png Guadeloupe-Stempel.png Unknown
 Guatemala Guatemala Entry Stamp.png Guatemala Exit Stamp.png Guatemala visa scan small.jpg [note 12]
 Guinea Guinea entry stamp.jpg Unknown Guinea visa.jpg
 Guinea Bissau Guinea Bissay entry.jpg Guinee bissau-exit.jpg Guinee bissau-visa.jpg
 Guyana Guyana Entry Stamp DT.jpg Guyana Entry Stamp.jpg Unknown
 Haiti Haiti entry passport stamp.jpg Haiti exit passport stamp.jpg Unknown
 Honduras Entry stamp Honduras.JPG Exit stamp Honduras.JPG Honduras visa.jpg [note 13]
 Hong Kong Hong Kong landing slip.jpg
None Hong Kong Visa.jpg [note 14]
 Hungary FerihegyT2passportstamp.jpg Hegyeshalompassportstamp.jpg Unknown
 India Visa for the Republic of India.jpg
 Indonesia Indonesia entry stamp.jpg Indonesia Exit Passport Stamp, 2018.tif Indonesia visa 2008.jpg
 Iran IranMashhadAirport2016.png IranShirazAirport2016.png Visa of Iran.jpg [note 15]
 Iraq Iraq Entry Passport Stamp (Air).jpg Iraq Exit Passport Stamp (Air).jpg Iraq Tourism Visa.jpg
 Iraqi Kurdistan Iraqi Kurdistan Entry stamp.png Iraqi Kurdistan Exit stamp.png
 Ireland None Irish-stamp4.jpg
 Israel Israel ben gurion airport entry.jpg Israel ben gurion airport exit.jpg Israeli Visa.jpg [note 16]
 Italy Milan Malpensa Airport passport stamp.jpg ITAX HENSLEY.JPG Italy Visa.jpg
 Jamaica Jamaica passport stamp.png None Unknown
 Japan Japan Entry Passport Stamp, 2018.tif Japan exit stamp.JPG 2016 Version of Japanese Visa.jpg
 Jordan The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan entry stamp.jpg The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan exit stamp.jpg Visa jordan1 2002.jpg
 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan passport stamp.jpg Exit stamp Kazakhstan.JPG Visa of Kazakhstan.jpg
 Kenya Kenya entry stamp.jpg Kenya exit stamp.jpg Kenya Tourist Visa.jpg
 Kiribati Unknown Unknown Unknown
 Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Dprk entry.png Dprk exit.png
[note 17]
 Korea, Republic of R. O. Korea Entry.png R. O. Korea Exit by Ferry.jpg KOR C-3-9 visa issued to Chinese citizen.jpg [note 18]
 Kosovo Kosovo entry.png Kosovo passport stamp (Kulla).jpg Unknown [note 19]
 Kuwait Kuwait Arrival Stamp.JPG Kuwait Passport Stamp..jpg Unknown
 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz entry.jpg Kyrgyz exit.jpg Kyrgyzstan Visa 2018.jpg
 Laos Laos entry.JPG Laos exit.JPG Lao Visa.jpg
 Latvia Grenctalepassportstamp.jpg Rigaairportpassportstamp.jpg Visa Letonia.jpg
 Lebanon Leb ent.png Leb ext.png Visa and border stamps of Lebanon.jpg
 Lesotho Lesotho entry stamp.jpg Lesotho exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Liberia Unknown Unknown Liberia Visa.jpg
 Libya Unknown Unknown Unknown
 Liechtenstein LIEE HENSLEY.JPG None None[note 20] [note 21]
 Lithuania Lithuanian passport stamp (by air).jpg LT-Kaunas-out.png Visa Lituania.jpg
 Luxembourg Luxembourg entry.jpg Luxembourg exit.jpg Unknown
 Macau Macau Arrival Card.png None Macao Visa.JPG [note 22]
 Madagascar Madagascar Entry and Exit Stamps.png Madagascar Entry and Exit Stamps.png Unknown
 Malaysia Malaysia entry stamp.jpg Malaysia exit stamp.jpg Malaysia Visa.jpg
 Maldives Maldives entry stamp.jpg Maldives exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Mali MaliEntry.jpg MaliExit.jpg Visa Mali.jpg
 Malta Malta schengen entry stamp.png Malta exit.png Unknown
 Marshall Islands Rmi passportstamp.jpg Unknown Unknown
 Martinique Einreisestempel Martinique.png Ausreisestempel Martinique.png Unknown
 Mauritania Mauritania entry stamp.jpg Mauritania exit stamp.jpg Visa for Mauritania.jpg
 Mauritius Mauritius Arrival Stamp.jpg Mauritius Departure Stamp.jpg Unknown
 Mexico Mexico entry.png Mexico exit.png Multiple Entry Visa to Mexico.jpg
 Micronesia Fsm passportstamp.jpg Unknown Unknown
 Moldova Moldova passport stamp.jpg Unknown Unknown
 Monaco None[citation needed] None [note 23]
 Mongolia Mongolian visa.png Mongolia exit.jpg Visa-Mongolia.jpg
 Montenegro Podgorica Airport passport stamp.jpg MONTENEGRO - DEBELI BRIJEG exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Morocco Unknown
 Mozambique Mozambique entry stamp 2.jpg Mozambique exit stamp 2.jpg MozambiqueVisa.jpg
 Myanmar Myanmar Entry Passport Stamp, 2018.tif Myanmar Exit Passport Stamp, 2018.tif Unknown
 Namibia Namibian entry stamp.jpg Namibian exit stamp.jpg Namibian visa.jpg
 Nauru Unknown Unknown Unknown
   Nepal Nepalarrival.jpg Nepaldeparture.jpg NepalVisa.jpg [note 24]
 Netherlands Ijmondpassportstamp.jpg
Exit Netherlands, 9 Jan 2019.jpg
 New Caledonia New Caledonia Passport Entry Stamp.jpg New Caledonia Passport Exit Stamp.jpg Unknown
 New Zealand New Zealand Entry.jpg
New Zealand Resident Visa Stamp on Australian Travel Document.jpg[note 25]
None[citation needed] NZVisaLabel.png [note 26]
 Nicaragua Salida Nicaragua.jpg Unknown [note 27]
 Niger Unknown NigerExit.jpg NigerVisa.jpg
 Nigeria Nigeria Entry Stamp.jpg Nigeria Exit Stamp.jpg NigeriaVisa1.jpg
 Niue Niue passport stamp (entry).png Niue passport stamp (exit).png None[4] [note 28]
 Norfolk Island Norfolk Island Passport Stamp.tif None[citation needed] Unknown
 North Macedonia Passport stamp Macedonia.jpg Exit Stamp Macedonia.jpg Unknown
 Northern Cyprus Nordzypriotischer Einreisestempel.png Nordzypriotischer Ausreisestempel.png Unknown [note 29]
 Norway Sandefjord passport stamp.jpg Gardermoen-exit.jpg Unknown
 Oman Oman entry.png Oman exit.png Oman visa.png
 Pakistan Entry Stamp LHE.jpg PakistanExit.jpg Pakistani visitor visa obtained in the Embassy of Pakistan in Kyiv, October 2018.jpg
 Palau Palau entry passport stamp.jpg Palau exit passport stamp.jpg Unknown
 Palestine Pal1.png Pal2.png None
 Panama Panama Entry Passport Stamp, 2018.jpg None Panama-visa.png
 Papua New Guinea PNG entry stamp.jpg PNG exit stamp.jpg PNG Visa.jpg
 Paraguay Sello de entrada a Paraguay.png Salida de Paraguay.jpg Paraguay Visa Edit.png [note 30]
 Peru Peru entry stamp 2016.png Peru exit stamp 2016.png Unknown
 Philippines PHIE HENSLEY.JPG PHIX HENSLEY.jpg Unknown
 Poland Slubice passport stamp.jpg Poland korczowa exit.jpg Unknown
 Portugal Lisbon airport stamp.png Lisbon airport passport stamp.jpg Unknown
 Qatar QatarEntry.jpg QatarExit.jpg Unknown
 Réunion Entry Reunion.jpg Unknown Unknown
 Romania RO En TSR.JPG RO Ex Rail.JPG Unknown
 Russia Russia entry.jpg Russia exit stamp Ivangorod.jpg Visum Russland 2008rev.jpg
 Rwanda Rwanda Entry Stamp July 2008.png Rwanda Exit Stamp August 2008.png Rwanda sticker Visa tourist 2014.png
 Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Unknown Unknown Unknown
 Saint Barthélemy Saint Barthelemy entry passport stamp.jpg Unknown Unknown
 Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis entry stamp.jpg Unknown Unknown
 Saint Lucia Santa Lúcia - Aeroporto GFL Charles - Entrada.JPG None Unknown
 Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint-pierre-passport-stamp.jpg Unknown Unknown
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines tourist entry stamp 2015.png Saint Vincent and the Grenadines tourist exit stamp 2015.png Unknown
 Samoa Samoa Entry Stamp.tif Samoa Exit.tif Unknown
 San Marino San Marino Stamp 2016.jpg None None [note 31]
 São Tomé and Príncipe Unknown Unknown Unknown
 Saudi Arabia Saudentry.png King Khaled airport exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Senegal Senegal entry stamp.JPG Senegal exit stamp.JPG Unknown
 Serbia Serbischer Einreisestempel.png Serbia Exit Stamp Vatin.png Unknown [note 32]
 Seychelles Seychelles entry.jpg Seychelles exit.jpg Unknown
 Sierra Leone Sierra Leone entry stamp.jpg Sierra Leone exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Singapore Singapore entry.jpg Singapore Changi Airport exit stamp in a passport - 20091213.jpg Singapore visa issued to stateless person.jpg
 Sint Maarten Sint Maarten entry passport stamp.jpg Sint Maarten Exit Stamp.jpg CaribbeanKingdomVisa.png
 Slovakia Sturovopassportstamp.jpg Bratislava Airport passport control stamp.jpg Unknown
 Slovenia Dobova passport stamp.jpg Slovenia rigonce exit.jpg Unknown
 Somalia Unknown Unknown Unknown
 Somaliland Somaliland entry stamp.jpg Somaliland exit stamp.jpg Somaliland visa.jpg
 South Africa South Africa road entry.png[note 33]
South Africa airport entry.png[note 34]
South Africa airport transit.png[note 35]
Exit Stamp South Africa.jpg Unknown
 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Unknown Unknown Unknown
 South Sudan SouthSudanEntry.jpg SouthSudanExit.jpg SouthSudanVisa.jpg
 Spain Spain entry.png Spain exit.png Unknown
 Sri Lanka Sri Lankan entry stamp.jpg Sri Lankan exit stamp.jpg Unknown
 Sudan SudanEntry.jpg SudanExit.jpg SudanVisa.jpg
 Suriname Suriname entry stamp.png Suriname departure stamp.png Suriname visa.jpg
 Svalbard None None None
 Sweden Stockholm Arlanda Airport passport stamp.jpg Swedish exit stamp, Gothenburg.jpg Unknown
  Switzerland SWIE HENSLEY.JPG Switzerland Geneva Airport passport stamp.jpg Unknown
 Syria Syria entry stamp Damascus.png Syria exit stamp Damascus.png SyrianVisa.jpg
 Taiwan ROC Admitted Stamp (on Entry Permit).jpg
Taiwan Visa.png
ROC Exit Stamp.png

Taiwan Departed Slip.png

Sample of Taiwan Visa.jpg [note 36]
 Tajikistan Tajik entry.jpg Tajik exit.jpg TajikVisa.jpg
 Tanzania Tanzania entry stamp.jpg Tanzania exit stamp.jpg Tanzania Visa Edit.png
 Thailand Thailand sadao entry.JPG Thailand sadao exit.JPG

Thai visa stamp.jpg

 Togo Togo Entry Stamp.jpg Togo Exit Stamp.jpg Togo Visa.jpg
 Tonga Tonga Entry.png Exit stamp Tonga.JPG Unknown
 Transnistria None None PMR Migration Card 2016.jpg
 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad passport stamp.png None Unknown
 Tunisia Tunisia entry.png Tunisia exit.png Unknown
 Turkey Einreisestempel Türkei.jpg Ausreisestempel Türkei.jpg Visa for Turkey with entry and exit stamps.jpg
 Turkmenistan Unknown Unknown TurkmenistanVisa.jpg
 Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands Entry Stamp April 2006.png Unknown Unknown
 Tuvalu Unknown Unknown Unknown
 Uganda Uganda entry stamp 2010.jpg Uganda exit stamp 2010.jpg Unknown
 Ukraine Ukraine entry stamp.jpg Ukraine exit stamp.jpg UkraineVisa.jpg
 United Arab Emirates DXB airport stamp.png Free Entry Visa UAE.jpg
 United Kingdom UKE HENSLEY.JPG None Visa of the United Kingdom.jpg [note 37]
 United States
USA Entry Stamp; 20 April 2017.jpg
None[citation needed] USA 10-year visa issued to Chinese citizen.jpg [note 38]
 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Entry Stamp 2019.jpg Uzbekistan Exit Stamp 2019.jpg
Uzbekistan exit stamp.jpg
Uzbek visa.png
 Vanuatu Vanuatu Entry.tif Vanuatu Exit.tif Vanuatu visa.jpg
  Vatican City None[citation needed] None[citation needed] Unknown
 Venezuela Stamp of Venezuela 2015s.jpg Stamp of Venezuela 2015.jpg VenezuelaVisa.jpg
 Vietnam Vietnam entry stamp.png Vietnam exit stamp.png Vietnam tourist visa.jpg
 Yemen Unknown Unknown Yemen visa.jpg
 Zambia Zambia entry stamp.jpg Zambia exit stamp.jpg KAZA Visa.jpg
 Zimbabwe KAZA Visa.jpg


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  1. ^ Due to its landlocked condition, Andorra does not issue a separate passport stamp. However one is available upon request at the border.
  2. ^ Argentina requires citizens of some countries to pay a reciprocity fee before entering the country (pictured left).
  3. ^ Republic of Artsakh does not issue entry or exit stamps. A travel permit is issued additionally to a visa and will be taken on departure at the border points.
  4. ^ Exit is recorded in a field on entry stamp
  5. ^ Australia no longer issues entry and departure stamps for any passport holder even on request. Australia is using an electronic visa system, so there is no more labeling of a visa stamp in a passport.
  6. ^ The Bahamas does not issue exit stamps.
  7. ^ Though stamps are issued upon both arrival and departure, there are only minor differences. The first 3 numbers after the date are assigned to the various points of entry and exit. The next number indicates entry or exit, '1' for entry, '2' for exit. The four digit number along the right edge is the Federal Police agent that made the stamp.
  8. ^ Canada does not issue exit stamps. On Canada's border with the United States, stamps are issued only if requested.
  9. ^ Tourist card is always required for foreign citizens and nationals to obtain before entering Cuba, even when visa is required too.
  10. ^ El Salvador does not issue any stamps if coming from Honduras/Nicaragua/Guatemala due to C4-group regulations.
  11. ^ As flights have ceased from Greenland to countries outside the Schengen Area (with which Greenland maintains an open border), Greenland no longer issues passport stamps.
  12. ^ Guatemala uses many different stamps with various Mayan glyphs. But there is no difference in design between entry or exit stamps. Entry or exit is marked separately by border officials.
  13. ^ The date, duration and coat of arms are stamped/written separately by border officials. There is no difference in design between entry or exit stamps.
  14. ^ As a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, travelers entering Hong Kong will receive a different stamp than those entering mainland China. A Visa is issued to foreign passport holders only. An entry permit issued to mainland Chinese passport holders who apply in overseas or Macau but not in mainland China.
  15. ^ Since 2016, foreign passports are not being stamped while entering or leaving Iran.[3]
  16. ^ Since 15 January 2013, Israel no longer stamps foreign passports at Ben Gurion Airport, giving passengers a card instead that reads: "Since January 2013 a pilot scheme has been introduced whereby visitors are given an entry card instead of an entry stamp on arrival. You should keep this card with your passport until you leave. This is evidence of your legal entry into Israel and may be required, particularly at any crossing points into the Occupied Palestinian Territories." Passports are still (as of 22 June 2017) stamped at Erez when travelling into and out of Gaza. Also, passports are still stamped (as of 22 June 2017) at the Jordan Valley/Sheikh Hussein and Yitzhak Rabin/Arava land borders with Jordan.
  17. ^ The visa stamps and top visa pictured are normally issued for business or official visitors only. Most tourists are issued a tourist card, pictured in blue, that is not contained within a passport and is surrendered upon departure.
  18. ^ Exit stamps just issued upon request since November 1, 2016.
  19. ^ Passports containing stamps from Kosovo will have them "annulled" upon entry to Serbia. The entry stamp shown was annulled.
  20. ^ Liechtenstein does not issue tourist visas, therefore tourists have to apply for a visa of a different member of the Schengen Area.
  21. ^ Liechtenstein follows the same entry rules as Switzerland and a passport stamp is not required. However for a nominal fee one is available at the Tourist Center.
  22. ^ A Visa is issued to foreign passport holders only. An entry permit issued to mainland Chinese passport holders who apply in overseas or Hong Kong but not in mainland China. In mainland China, Chinese citizens must obtain a Two-way Permit with the endorsement for entering Macau.
  23. ^ Because of its relationship with France, Monaco does not issue a separate passport stamp. However a free one is available upon request at the tourist office.
  24. ^ Nepal is one of the few countries that issues sticker stamps.
  25. ^ This stamp is issued for Australian citizens (if requested), under the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement.
  26. ^ New Zealand does not issue exit stamps. New Zealand also doesn't issue entry stamps for NZ/Australian passport holders unless requested.
  27. ^ Nicaragua does not issue any exit stamps on exit to Honduras/El Salvador/Guatemala due to C4-group regulations.
  28. ^ All visitors to Niue are given a 30-day visa on arrival (marked by the entry stamp).
  29. ^ North Cyprus no longer issues stamps at the land border with the Republic of Cyprus, only at the ferry terminals of Kyrenia and Famagusta and at Ercan airport.
  30. ^ Paraguay requires citizens of many countries to obtain a visa before entering the country (pictured left). This can generally only be acquired at a Paraguayan Embassy or upon arrival at ASU Airport.
  31. ^ Due to its landlocked condition, San Marino visa policy follows the Italian one. San Marino does not issue regular passport stamps, and only issues souvenir stamps upon request at the visitors centre.
  32. ^ Serbian passports are stamped on exit only, while foreign passports are stamped on entry and exit (until 2018, foreign passports were stamped on entry only).
  33. ^ This style was formerly used for all forms of entry, but is now used only for entry by road.
  34. ^ New style airport entry stamp. A similar style will likely soon replace road entry stamps.
  35. ^ Transit stamp. No exit stamp is issued for transit visas.
  36. ^ Mainland Chinese residents who reside in Mainland China or overseas must apply an entry permit in advance. This kind of entry permit is different to the Taiwanese Visa (See Taiwan Entry Permit for Mainland China citizens in Gallery). Hong Kong permanent residents who hold a HKSAR passport and/or British National (Overseas) passport, and Macau permanent residents who hold a Macao Special Administrative Region passport may apply an entry permit online before entering Taiwan or apply one in major Taiwan's international airports for a fee while arriving. The National without household registration must apply an entry permit in order to enter Taiwan even when they have a Republic of China passport. Other aliens may apply a regular visa if they have to.
  37. ^ The United Kingdom has not been issuing exit stamps since 1998 when paper-based embarkation (‘exit’) controls for passengers were ended.[5]
  38. ^ The United States does not issue exit stamps.[citation needed]


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