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The Galley Museum
Location Queenstown, Tasmania
Coordinates 42°04′42″S 145°33′24″E / 42.07835°S 145.55671°E / -42.07835; 145.55671
Imperial Hotel
General information
Location Queenstown, Tasmania
Completed 1897

Galley Museum is a photographic and general museum in Driffield Street in Queenstown.

One of two west coast Tasmania museums that house records and relics from the mining communities of the past, the museum is housed in a former Hotel, which has also been a mining office and Youth Hostel.[1]

As a repository of the historical photographs and materials from the history of Queenstown it contains collections that hold in some cases the last vestiges of the former mines and localities on the west coast.[2]

The collection of photographs and text and materials relating to the 1912 North Mount Lyell Mining disaster is extensive.[3]

Considerable parts of the photograph collection were photographs collected by and also processed by Eric Thomas.[4]


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