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Galli may refer to:


  • the Latin name for Gauls, the ancient people perceived by the Greeks and Romans as culturally or linguistically Celtic
  • Galli, the priests of the goddess Cybele

Individuals with the name Galli[edit]

Music and the arts[edit]


  • Remo Galli (b. 1912), an Italian professional football player and coach.
  • Giancarlo Galli, commonly known as Carlo Galli (b. 1931), an Italian footballer
  • Giovanni Giuseppe Gilberto Galli, nicknamed Nanni Galli (b. 1940), an Italian sports-car racer
  • Nikos Galis (alternate spellings include: Nick Galis, Nick Gallis, Nick Georgalis, Nick Georgallis, Nikos Georgalis, Nikos Georgallis) (b. 1957) (Greek: Νίκος Γκάλης), a Greek professional basketball player
  • Giovanni Galli (b. 1958), an Italian football player and politician
  • Francesca Galli (b. 1960), Italian racing cyclist
  • Filippo Galli, (b. 1963), an Italian football player
  • Gianluigi Galli (b. 1973), better known as Gigi Galli, an Italian rally driver
  • B. J. Gallis (b. 1975), a Canadian football player
  • Niccolò Galli (1983–2001), an Italian footballer
  • Jessica Galli (b. 1983), an American wheelchair athlete
  • Sandro Galli (b. 1987), a Swiss footballer

Inventors and scientists[edit]

  • Franz San Galli, Russian: Франц Карлович Сан Галли, Franz Karlovich San Galli (1824–1908), a Russian businessman who invented the radiator
  • Ricardo Galli or Ricardo Adolfo Galli Granada (fl. early 21st century), computer scientist




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