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Gallia or Gallian may refer to:

  • Gaul (Gallia in Latin), the region of Western Europe occupied by present-day France, Belgium and other neighbouring countries. In Roman administrative terminology this contained several Provincia:
  • Gallia Cisalpina, meaning "Gaul on this side of the Alps", propraetorial province (merged with Italy ca. 42 BC). Sometimes referred to as Gallia Citerior (Hither Gaul), Provincia Ariminum, or Gallia Togata (Toga-wearing Gaul, indicating the region's early Romanization).
  • Gallia Transpadana denoted that part of Cisalpine Gaul between the Padus (now Po) and the Alps
  • Gallia Cispadana denoted that part of Cisalpine Gaul to the south of the river Padus (Po).