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Gallic is an adjective that may refer to:

  • Gaul, from which the name derives, a region of Europe roughly corresponding to modern France and parts of the surrounding countries
  • Gauls, the Celtic people of this region
  • A synonym for French
  • Roman Gaul, a Roman province in Gaul
  • Gallic Empire, a brief independent realm from AD 260 to AD 273
  • Gaulish language, a Celtic language spoken in Gaul prior to the Roman conquest
  • Gallic epoch, an obsolete epoch of the Cretaceous
  • Gallican Rite, an ancient church rite
  • Gallicanism and Gallican Church, a political-religious philosophy
  • SS Gallic, two ships of the White Star Line

As an uncapitalized adjective, gallic may refer to:

Distinguish from[edit]

  • Galik script, a variation of the traditional Mongolian script
  • Gaelic (disambiguation) a sub-group of Celtic languages, history and culture, including Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic

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