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Gallican may refer to:

  • Gallican Church (French: Église gallicane), a term referring to the Catholic Church in France
  • Église gallicane, a Catholic denomination founded in 1869 by Hyacinthe Loyson
  • Gallicanism, a doctrince that civil authority over the Catholic Church is comparable to that of the Pope
  • Gallican Psalter or Psalterium Gallicanum, one of Jerome's Latin translations of the book pf Psalms
  • Gallican Rite, a 1st-millennium Christian liturgy and other ritual practices in Western Christianity
    • Gallican chant, the liturgical plainchant repertory of the Gallican rite
  • Gallican, a largely obsolete synonym of Gallic, referring to:
  • Gallican, a largely obsolete synonym of Gaulish, referring to:
    • Gaul, ancient nation encompassing modern-day France and parts of surrounding countries
      • Gauls, the principal people of Gaul
      • Gaulish language, spoken by the Gauls
      • Roman Gaul, provincial rule of Gaul within the Roman Empire, 1st century BCE to 5th century CE

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