Gallions Reach Crossing

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Gallions Reach Crossing
Gallions Reach Ferry map.png
Approximate proposed route of the crossing and connecting roads.
LocationRiver Thames, East London
Coordinates51°30′33″N 0°05′16″E / 51.509283°N 0.087659°E / 51.509283; 0.087659Coordinates: 51°30′33″N 0°05′16″E / 51.509283°N 0.087659°E / 51.509283; 0.087659
Work begun2021
Opened2025 (estimated)
OwnerTransport for London
CharacterMotor vehicles, railway, cycles, pedestrians
No. of lanes4

The Gallions Reach Crossing is a proposed River Thames crossing close to Gallions Reach in East London, running between Beckton in the London Borough of Newham and Thamesmead in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Originally a proposed ferry crossing replacing the Woolwich Ferry, later plans suggested either a bridge or a tunnel. It is being developed in conjunction with the Belvedere Crossing, just downriver.[1]


The crossing was announced as a ferry route by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in 2012 following the cancellation of the Thames Gateway Bridge, with a proposed operation date of 2017.[2][3][4] Subsequent reports suggesting a bridge or a tunnel have put the opening date around 2025.[5]

The crossing would replace the Woolwich Ferry, with similar operational periods (currently 6:10am to 8:00pm weekdays), given that the current ferry's infrastructure is reaching the end of its serviceable life. Capacity would be doubled to 300 vehicles per hour in each direction. The promoters claim that it will alleviate traffic congestion in the Woolwich area, which suffers from a mix of local and cross-ferry traffic.[6]


In addition to the proposed ferry, TfL suggested a bridge or a tunnel as an alternative option. This would be a two lane crossing catering for local traffic, and would not be expected to open until after 2021. This would require an additional £30m of capital to service the Woolwich Ferry in the interim period.[7]

In 2015, TfL announced that the bridge or tunnel plans were more likely to go ahead, and invited the public for their views. The crossing would be tolled, and contain two lanes of traffic each way, one dedicated to buses. TfL also suggested the Docklands Light Railway could be extended to Thamesmead or Abbey Wood as part of the works.[5]


Approximate location of the crossing's proposed route in the Thames Estuary.

Both Jim Fitzpatrick, MP for Poplar and Limehouse, and Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham, have expressed support for a bridge in this location, rather than a ferry.[8]

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