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France, Northern Italy, San Marino, Monaco, Channel Islands, parts of Belgium and Switzerland
Linguistic classification: Indo-European
Glottolog: nort3208[1]
Historical area of development for strict Gallo-Romance (Oïl languages and Arpitan).

The Gallo-Romance branch of the Romance languages includes French and the languages of northern Italy.[2][3][4] Based on mutual intelligibility, David Dalby counts seven languages: Gallo-Wallon, French, Franco-Provençal (Arpitan), Romansh, Ladin, Friulian, and Lombard.[5]


The Gallo-Romance group includes:

The Gallo-Romance group can include:

Occitano-Romance can be classified as Gallo-Romance, Iberian Romance, or as a branch of the Western Romance languages.

Traditional geographical extension[edit]

Historically, various Gallo-Romance languages were spoken in the North of France, parts of Flanders, Alsace and part of Lorraine; the Wallonia region of Belgium, the Channel Islands, Switzerland, and northern Italy.

Today, a single Gallo-Romance language (French) dominates much of this geographic region (including the formerly non-Romance areas of France), and has also spread overseas.

General characteristics[edit]

See the Romance languages article for a description of the characteristics of Gallo-Romance.


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