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This article is about The Indian village. For The fictional island in The Chronicles of Narnia, see List of places in The Chronicles of Narnia § G.

Galma is a village in the country of India. It is located in the Darbhanga district of Bihar in the Ghanshyampur block under the subdivision of Bihar. The village has a population of approximately 3300.


Galma falls under the jurisdiction of Punhad Panchayat. However efforts are being made to separate this village from former Panchayat in order to allow for greater self-administration. Also, advocates say it will pave the way for the greater security and development of the people of this village from relatively distant administrator.[citation needed]

Just 500 metres east of this village a small group of 50–60 houses. This is Bisaila Tola which is also part of Galma village the peoples are just come out of Galma Village and Make their home in the Plane Farms these peoples are not very rich but they are hardworking. The population of this kasba is around 200–250; all belong to the Yadva caste. Kiran Devi is the Gram-Pradhan(Mukhiya) of Punhad Panchayat from 2011–2016. Before that, Mina Devi has been the Gram-Pradhan(Mukhiya) of Punhad Panchayat from 2006–2011. Before that, Ratan Kumar Mishra has been the Gram-Pradhan(Mukhiya) of Punhad Panchayat from 2001–2006.Sh. Govind Jha & Family is also very good politically connected family not only in block but in Bihar also.


10% population of the populations has undergone postgraduation or higher studies. Approximately 20% population is going for the graduation studies. Approximately 0.9% population is participating in programs for professional studies, like engineering, medical diploma, hotel management.


Agriculture is the prime source of income for Galma.

The main crops for Galma are rice and wheat. Secondary crops include moong, arhar, lentil, khesari and potatoes. The village also manufactures oil seed from mustard, sunflower and teeshi. Again, much of the land is controlled through heredity.


  1. Dwadas Jyotirling and daso Mahavidya temple called TARA ASTHAN in north side of galma,
  2. Laxmanji Asthan is situated at middle of galma
  3. Brham Baba Asthan is situated at South side of Galma "dakshinwari tola"
  4. Mahadev temple situated at south side of galma is called "DIH"
  5. Bajrangwali Asthan is situated in east side of galma called "Dakahi"
  6. Tara Asthan is situated at north-east side called"Ahiva".
  7. Bajrangwali temple situated at middle of Galma called"baniya Tol"
  8. Mahadev Sthan "Dharmeshwar Ahiwa"
  9. Ahiwa is the sacred Pokhra of Galma.
  10. [ Mahantji ] Pokhra is the 2nd sacred Pokhra of Galma.
  11. Daso mahavidya temple (Sidh Vidya Pith) consisting goddess name Shyama,Tarini Shodshi, Bhubneshwari, Bhairavi, Kshinamasta, Dhoomawati, Bagla, Matangi and Laxmi. First goddess name is Shyama so Galma is known as Shyama Nagri Galma.

Braham Ashthan is also situated at the West side of Galma and that place called brahm van.


Kali Pooja(Worship of Kali) has been celebrated every year on the occasion of Diwali. Navah Sankirtan has been celebrated every year .

Coordinates: 31°36′N 76°52′E / 31.600°N 76.867°E / 31.600; 76.867