Galsoft Linux

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Galsoft Linux
Lubuntu with new theme and icons 12.10.png
Galsoft Linux 1.1
Developer Galsoft Linux Community
OS family Unix-like
Working state Active development
Source model Open source
Latest release 12.10 / 18 October 2012; 4 years ago (2012-10-18)[1]
Kernel type Monolithic
Userland GNU
Default user interface LXDE
License GNU GPL / various others
Official website Galsoft Linux

Galsoft Linux is a Linux distribution derived from Lubuntu that is made to be installed from a DVD or a USB flash drive. The distribution is specially optimized to run efficiently with limited hardware resources.

Galsoft Linux is specifically designed to run on laptops and netbooks with low system specifications[2]



In 2012, project root Xove initiative of the Galician youth group decided to make a Linux distribution of their own. The result of their work was a custom Linux distribution with Lubuntu as the base, supplying all the included drivers and most of the included applications.

In early September 2012 version 1.0 was released.

Due to user suggestions, some applications were added to the initial version, including support for video playback and multimedia files, as well as support for Java and Flash in browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. These additions were included in the next revision, Galsoft Linux version 1.1.


During the development process, the core was kept as light as possible, using low requirement tools to attain the best performance possible and a friendly and aesthetical desktop environment with light hardware requirements. It also sought to have the operating system translated into Castilian and Galician.

Galsoft Linux introduced the ability to work with the ODF format using the latest version of AbiWord. For window management LXDE and Krusader were used. Many of the tools used were incomplete translations into Castilian and Galician, with many applications not internationalized, being unable to be translated. During this period of development, the developers also conducted work on Internationalization and localization.

Among the features of Linux Galsoft there is the choice of using Galician as the default language of the LiveDVD boot and installation process.

This distribution can be run in a virtual machine.


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