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The Galway city Gaeltacht comprises five electoral divisions: Bearna, Ballybrit, Castlegar, Menlough and Knocknacarragh. Due to its proximity to Ireland's biggest Gaeltacht, Galway city has always been important for the language movement and many Irish speakers settling or moving to Galway. According to the 2006 census, there are 31,153 people in Galway city who say they speak Irish. There are 8,080 people who say they speak Irish on a daily basis. There are 1,500 Irish speakers in the city area.

List of EDs (Electoral Divisions):

  1. Bearna (5,508) (17%)
  2. Mionlach (4,651) (9%)
  3. An Caislean Gearr (1,000) (11%)
  4. Baile an Bhriotaigh (60) (15%)
  5. Cnoc na Cathrach (18) (0%)

Achreidh na Gaillimhe[edit]

This area is located east of the river Corrib, outside of the city boundary has a smaller number of Irish speakers. There are approximately 9,000 people living in small villages across the city's hinterland with an estimated 1,500 daily Irish speakers. These villages are Lisin an bhealaigh, Leacach beag, Baile Chlair, Ceathru Bhrunaigh, Carn Mor and Baile an Teampaill.

List of EDs:

  1. Tulaigh Mhic Aodhain (1,003) (21%)
  2. Maigh Cuilinn (1,323) (21%)
  3. Gaillimh an Tuath (34) (2%)
  4. Eanach Dhuin (1,473) (10%)
  5. Baile Chlair (1,536) (12%)
  6. Ceathru Bhrunaigh (723) (18%)
  7. Baile an Teampaill (186) (8%)
  8. Leacach Beag (138) (10%)
  9. An Carn Mor (1,887) (16%)
  10. Sliabh an Aonaigh (615) (33%)

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