Galway County (UK Parliament constituency)

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Galway County
Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members Two
Replaced by Galway Connemara, East Galway, North Galway and South Galway

The UK Parliament constituency of County Galway was an historic Irish constituency, comprised the whole of County Galway, except for the Borough of Galway. It replaced the pre-Act of Union Parliament of Ireland constituency. Its representatives sat in the British House of Commons.

It returned two Members of Parliament.

The constituency was abolished in 1885 and replaced by smaller constituencies in the county.

Members of Parliament[edit]

  • Constituency created (1801)
First member First party Year Second member Second party
Richard Le Poer Trench[notes 1]   Tory 1801 Richard Martin[notes 1]   Independent Conservative
1805 Denis Bowes Daly   Whig
James Daly   Tory 1812
1818 Richard Martin   Independent Conservative[notes 2]
1827 James Staunton Lambert   Whig
Sir John Burke   Whig 1830
Thomas Barnwall Martin   Whig 1832 James Daly   Tory
1835 John James Bodkin   Whig
Thomas Burke   Irish Repeal 1847 Christopher St George   Conservative
  Independent Liberal 1852 Thomas Arthur Bellew   Independent Liberal
1857 William Henry Gregory   Liberal Conservative
Lord Dunkellin   Liberal 1865
Viscount Burke   Liberal 1867
Mitchell Henry   Home Rule 1871
1872 John Philip Nolan[notes 3]   Irish Parliamentary
William Le Poer Trench[notes 3]   Irish Conservative
1874 John Philip Nolan[notes 4]   Irish Parliamentary

As a result of the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885, the constituency was abolished at the 1885 general election and replaced by 4 single-member constituencies:


  1. ^ a b MPs in the First Parliament of the United Kingdom were co-opted from the Parliament of Ireland, where both MPs had previously represented Galway County.
  2. ^ Richard Martin stood as an independent but generally supported and voted with the Tory government of Lord Liverpool.
  3. ^ a b The 1872 by-election was contested at an election petition, with the IPP candidate John Philip Nolan being unseated after allegations of treating, in favour of the Conservative candidate William Le Poer Trench.
  4. ^ John Philip Nolan continued to sit at Westminster until 1895, as IPP MP for Galway North.