Gamaliel (Qliphah)

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Gamaliel is the Qliphah associated with the Sephirah Yesod on the kabbalistic Tree of Life[citation needed]. It translates as 'The Obscene Ones'.


Yesod is the Sephirah that collects all the energy from the Sephiroth above it, stores these archetypal ideas in the unconscious, and expresses them in their correct time. It is associated with the sexual organs, and unconscious sexual desire. It can be seen that without the correct expression of the images stored in Yesod, either through physical expression in Malkuth, or by transcending them in Tiphereth, an unhealthy sexual repression exists. The unconscious imagery in Yesod therefore becomes more and more perverse, eventually becoming Gamaliel, the obscene[citation needed].

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