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Gamayun (representation in a painting by Viktor Vasnetsov).

Gamayun is a prophetic bird of Slavic folklore.[citation needed] It is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge and lives on an island in the mythical east, close to paradise.[citation needed] Like the Sirin and the Alkonost, other creatures likewise deriving ultimately from the Greek myths and siren mythology,[1][2] the Gamayun is normally depicted as a large bird with a woman's head.[citation needed]

Popular culture[edit]

In his esoteric cosmography Roza Mira (1997), Daniil Andreev maintains that Sirins, Alkonosts, and Gamayuns are transformed into Archangels in Paradise.[citation needed]

In a telephone call between the characters the Duke of Windsor and Queen Elizabeth in the 10th episode of the first season of the Netflix television series, The Crown,[3] the situation of the royals is analogized as being like the Gamayuns, creatures who are a fusion of two beings, never succeeding in being either.[citation needed][original research?]


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