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District Capital
Gambaga is located in Ghana
Location in Ghana
Coordinates: 10°31′50″N 0°26′32″W / 10.53056°N 0.44222°W / 10.53056; -0.44222
Country Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana
Region Northern Region
District East Mamprusi District

Gambaga is a small town in the Northern Region of Ghana. Its main economics are agriculture, quarrying and trade. Once a residence of Mamprusi-kings it still is the capital of East Mamprusi district, a district in the Northern Region of Ghana.[1] It is home to one of Ghana's eight witch camps.

The women there pay a local chief and earth-priest for rituals involving a chicken-ordeal and a concoction. While the chief of Gambaga profits from the presence of the 80 outcasts, he also offers protection. Almost all refugees in his custody run to Gambaga from surrounding villages or are brought there by relatives.[2]

Gambaga also has a prison and offers at least two guest-houses: The NORRIP-hostel and the Marta-Guest-house. It is a stepping stone for travels into the hinterlands, surrounded by semiarid lands that turn into grasslands and swamps in rain-season while being dusty in dry seasons.

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Coordinates: 10°31′50″N 0°26′32″W / 10.53056°N 0.44222°W / 10.53056; -0.44222