Gambia, The Smiling Coast

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Gambia, The Smiling Coast
Directed by Daniel Verdín Castro
Produced by Lorena Perez Saez
Screenplay by Lorena Perez Saez & Daniel Gómez Sánchez
Music by Pablo Salinas
Edited by Daniel Verdín Castro
Release date
  • 2010 (2010)
Running time
Country Spain

Gambia, The Smiling Coast is a Spanish 2010 documentary film.


This documentary investigates the secrets of tourism in Gambia, showing both its positive and its negative points. The tourism industry is an essential source of income for this country situated to the West of Africa, but it has several things against it: Begging, sexual tourism, finding the means to emigrate. A poisonous business that only benefits a few and that leads to poverty tourism.