Gambian republic referendum, 1965

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A referendum on becoming a republic was held in the Gambia on 24 November 1965.[1] If the referendum had passed, the post of president would have replaced the Governor-General representing Elizabeth II as head of state.

There were 154,626 registered voters for the referendum, with 93,484 valid votes cast. 65.85% of voters voted for the proposal, but failed to reach the two-thirds support required for the proposal to be accepted.

A second referendum was held in 1970, which resulted in a successful "yes" vote. Prime Minister Dawda Jawara was elected president by the parliament, replacing Elizabeth II (represented by Farimang Mamadi Singateh) as head of state on 24 April 1970.


Choice Votes %
For 61,563 65.85
Against 31,921 34.15
Total 93,484 100
Registered voters/turnout 154,626 60.46
Source: African Elections database


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