Gambian republic referendum, 1970

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A referendum on becoming a republic was held in the Gambia in April 1970. The changes resulted in the creation of the post of President to replace the Governor-General representing Elizabeth II as head of state. It was the second referendum on the issue: the first in 1965 failed because the two-thirds majority required was not reached.

This time the referendum produced a "yes" result. The Prime Minister Sir Dawda Jawara was elected the first President by the parliament, replacing Elizabeth II (represented by Governor-General Sir Farimang Mamadi Singateh) as head of state on 24 April 1970.


Choice Votes %
For 84,968 70.45
Against 35,638 29.55
Total 120,606 100
Registered voters/turnout 133,813 90.1
Source: Hughes & Perfect[1]


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