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Adaptations of Gambit in other media
Created by Chris Claremont
Jim Lee
Mike Collins
Original source Comics published by Comics published by Marvel Comics
First appearance Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 (1990)
Films and television
Film(s) X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
Gambit (TBA)
X-Men (1990)
X-Men: Evolution (2000)
Wolverine and the X-Men (2008)
Video game(s) Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge (1992)
X-Men (Sega Game) (1993)
X-Men Legends (2004)
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (2005)

This is a list of non-comics media appearances of Gambit.


X-Men: The Animated Series[edit]

Gambit's appearance in the 1990s X-Men series

Gambit was one of the starring X-Men characters in the X-Men animated television series of the 1990s, in which he was voiced by Chris Potter until Potter left in 1996 and was replaced by Tony Daniels until the series ended in 1997. For much of the series, he is insecure about whether the X-Men trust him, despite being loyal to the team throughout the series. In Slave Island, when Gambit, Jubilee and Storm were captured by Sentinels, he pretends to abandon the captured mutants, but only to escape and return to rescue them. One particular episode (Days of the Future's Past) features the time traveler Bishop accuses Gambit of betraying the X-Men by assassinating Senator Robert Kelly. The traitor is revealed to be the shapeshifting Mystique disguised as Gambit. One episode explored Gambit's past as a member of the Guild of Thieves, and his romantic relationship with Bella Donna. Throughout most of the series, Gambit maintains a flirtatious relationship with Rogue, eventually telling her that he loves her in the episode "Reunion, Part 2".

Other episodes which featured Gambit include the "Sanctuary" series, which involve Professor X, Beast and Gambit going to Asteroid M to speak with Magneto. On the asteroid, the X-Men were blamed for the murder of Magneto and chased off the asteroid. Gambit stayed behind to give the others a chance to escape. He was later rescued by the X-Men. He also guest starred in Spider-Man in the 1990s in the fourth and fifth episodes of the second season, along with the rest of the X-Men.

Fantastic Four[edit]

Gambit and the other X-Men make a cameo in "Nightmare in Green".

X-Men: Evolution[edit]

Gambit as portrayed in the second-season finale of X-Men: Evolution. Notably without his trademark black-and-red eyes

In the X-Men: Evolution animated TV series, Gambit appeared in a few episodes as a henchman of Magneto, and was voiced by Alessandro Juliani. This version of Gambit is noteworthy for taking liberties with the character, including his origins. Originally, his flirtatious moments with Rogue were meant to be a reference to their romantic relationship in the comics. Towards the end of the show's run, an episode featured Gambit kidnapping Rogue in an attempt to manipulate her into helping him rescue his adoptive father, Jean-Luc, after he was kidnapped by the Rippers (the Assassins Guild). Gambit, however, soon becomes protective of Rogue once he notices Jean-Luc's amazement of her mutant abilities. They part ways at the end on friendly terms, giving Rogue his favorite card, the Queen of Hearts.

In his first appearance, Gambit appeared with normal eyes (black iris and white sclera, as seen in the picture), which were later modified into how they look in the comics (black sclera and red iris).

Gambit shares a passionate kiss with Rogue, when she was possessed by Mesmero in the third-season finale (though it was only done so she could take his mutant abilities). In a photograph portrait, Gambit is a new member of the X-Men (with an arm around Rogue), along with other new members such as Colossus, Angel, Boom Boom, and X-23.

Wolverine and the X-Men[edit]

Gambit was a guest character in Wolverine and the X-Men, in which he was portrayed as a freelance thief and saboteur for hire. His first appearance was in the episode "Thieves Gambit" voiced by Phil LaMarr.[1] He first appears as a thief for hire, who steals a mutant ability-neutralizing collar invented by Forge and sells it to Dr. Sybil Zane and Bolivar Trask to use in the Sentinel Program. Wolverine convinces him to help him retrieve it, though he later escapes the fight without the collar. He appears again in the twenty-second episode, "Aces and Eights," romantically charming and seducing Polaris with his hypnotic charm ability, and attempting to steal Magneto's helmet, as well as placing explosives to damage Genosha's facilities. At the end of the episode he leaves Polaris, stating that he is not the man she thinks he is and that this is the way the world is, however he was not seen for the rest of the season. Like in earlier X-Men-related cartoons, Gambit has a strong Cajun accent and wears the usual body armor and coat. His romantic relationship with Rogue was not seen, as well as whether or not he was going to be a regular X-Men team member in the second season.[2]


  • In X2, his name was seen on a screen among a list of other mutants when Mystique hacks the system of William Stryker for information on different mutants. Stuntman James Bamford filmed a cameo as Gambit before it was cut. Instead, this was added to Chris Claremont's novelization of the movie. The book itself never mentions Gambit by name, but he is shown as one of the mutants seen being affected by Dark Cerebro's activation. He is playing cards in a New Orleans bar when he suddenly falls in pain and causes a table to explode. In the X3 novelization, he is a new student at the mansion being trained by Wolverine, along with Cannonball, Danielle Moonstar, and Sage.[3]
  • When Bryan Singer was still slated to direct the third installment of the X-Men film series, the role of Gambit was intended for Keanu Reeves. An early leaked script suggested that Gambit would be included in X-Men: The Last Stand as both the new recruit and Iceman's romantic rival for Rogue's affection.[citation needed] Josh Holloway was offered the role but declined it due to scheduling conflicts on Lost.[citation needed] An interview with producer Lauren Shuler Donner reveals that Channing Tatum auditioned for the role, before the character was cut.[4] In an interview with Wizard magazine, former WWE professional wrestler Gregory 'The Hurricane' Helms said that he had planned to read for the part before the change of producers and director.[5] According to the audio commentary of X-Men: The Last Stand, Gambit was to appear in the prison convoy scene of the movie, before the character was cut. In the commentary of the movie, the director Brett Ratner also reveals that they did seriously consider putting Gambit in the movie but decided against it as they thought it was too small a role for such a big character.
Taylor Kitsch as Gambit from X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
  • Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch plays Gambit in director Gavin Hood's 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In the storyline Remy is a former prisoner of William Stryker for 2 years, who was dubbed "Gambit" from his guards as he kept beating them in poker. After two years he managed to escape the facility, but was later confronted by Wolverine, who wanted to know where Stryker's base was to destroy it. Gambit, mistakenly believing he was sent to recapture him, attacked and later interrupted a fight between Wolverine and Sabretooth, inadvertently letting Sabretooth escape and robbing Wolverine of his revenge. After Wolverine defeats him, Gambit sees he is sincere and flies him to Stryker's base. At the conclusion, Gambit briefly returns to his side, and, after Wolverine's memories are lost, tells him his 'name': Logan. He offers to help get Logan and Silverfox's body off the island, but Logan turns him down, stating he can find his own way. In Origins, his trademark brown trench coat has been rendered to a dark brown leather duster, the character does not wear gloves or boots, and his signature red on black eyes have been reduced to normal colored eyes that merely glow red when he uses his power (mainly because the producers felt his eyes would be too distracting). Gambit's powers are also altered slightly, in that the objects he charges do not seem to explode, instead merely hitting with much more force—his playing cards hit with enough force to knock people through brick walls, he can strike the ground to create an impact wave to send his foes flying, and he can charge his staff to cleanly punch holes in walls to climb them without damaging the staff. This version of Gambit seems to be lightly inspired by the Ultimate X-Men version of the character, who is a retired thief and sports a "cleaned up" accent that is a Southern/Cajun mix.[6]
  • In an interview with Empire Magazine, Lauren Shuler Donner has an interest in Channing Tatum playing Gambit in a solo film.[7] Tatum revealed in an interview with MTV that he will have a meeting with Donner about the character.[8] Donner confirmed at the world premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past to Total Films that Tatum will be portraying Gambit in X-Men: Apocalypse and a stand-alone film.[9][10] In October 2014, Tatum revealed that a solo film is in development and that they were looking for a writer. He also hinted at the possibility of a Gambit film, which Fox had set a date of July 18, 2018 as an untitled film.[11] In October 2014, Fox officially announced that Tatum was attached to star as Gambit, with a script from Joshua Zetumer-based off a treatment by longtime X-Men scribe Chris Claremont, along with Simon Kinberg and Donner, Tatum will co-produce the film with his Free Association producing partner Reid Carolin.[12] It is scheduled to be released on October 7, 2016.[13][14] Tatum has stated that the film will be an origin story.[15] It was revealed that Bennett Miller, Darren Aronofsky, Gareth Evans and J. C. Chandor were all offered by Tatum to direct the spin-off but turned down the chance to direct.[16][17][18] On June 15, 2015, Entertainment Weekly reported that Rupert Wyatt will direct the film.[19] Tatum answered a Reddit question and stated that his character won't be in X-Men: Apocalypse.[20][21][22] Carolin told Screen Rant that filming will start in October or November in New Orleans, Louisiana.[23][24] On August 6, 2015, Deadline reported that the studio are looking at actresses Rebecca Ferguson, Léa Seydoux and Abbey Lee for the role of Bella Donna Boudreaux, but Deadline reported on August 18, 2015, Ferguson dropped out to work on the film The Girl on the Train, which leaves Seydoux and Lee still in the running. It was announced by Deadline on August 24, 2015 that Seydoux is cast as Bella Donna.[25][26][27] On September 16, 2015, Wyatt has dropped out as director of the film due to schedule conflicts.[28] In October 2015, Deadline and Heroic Hollywood reports that Doug Liman, Joe Cornish and Shane Black are the contenders to direct the film.[29][30][31] On November 12, 2015, The Hollywood Reporter has reports that Liman is in final negotiations to direct the film.[32] Kinberg said that he hopes to start filming next spring.[33] Filming was going to start in March 2016, but production is delayed till late 2016.[34][35][36] It was announced that the film is out of the October 7, 2016 release date.[37] Kinberg told Flicking Myth in an interview that they're getting the script right setting the tone and the voice right.[38][39] On July 8, 2016, Kinberg told That Hastag Show that the film's script is now completed which Liman has oversees the rewrites and may start filming at the beginning or Spring of 2017.[40] On August 24, 2016 Variety reported Liman left the picture after the studio and he decided on a mutual split.[41] On November 9, 2016, Kinberg announced to The Hollywood Reporter that they will start production after Tatum finished shooting Logan Lucky with a new filmmaker.[42] In December 2016, a rumor reports that Frank Darabont will re-write and direct the film.[43] While at the Television Critics Association 2017 press tour promoting TV series Legion, Donner confirmed that Tatum is indeed still attached to star in the film.[44][45] In February 2017, Kinberg said the film is in development.[46]

Video games[edit]

An X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse promotional image.


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